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3-piece decorative tray set

3-piece decorative tray set

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The 3-piece decorative tray set is ideal for displaying one’s passion for traditional artworks that are one ample display throughout their body.

This 3-Piece Decorative Tray Set boasts of three trays covered in excellent quality traditional artworks, which is enough to draw attention and appreciation for all of its onlookers. The three trays are in decreasing order of size, but all of them sport the same intricate floral pattern at the centre and matching quality artwork on the periphery. Thus, the 3-Piece Decorative Tray Set can be the ideal choice of item for displaying ones liking for such traditional art forms, and earn brownie points regarding their aesthetics.

Gift Specification:
SKU: BH-0208
Dimension: 6" X 9" / 9" X 12" / 12" X 15" (approx)


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