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3 piece pillar shaped candle

3 piece pillar shaped candle

of 118 reviews

The 3 Piece Pillar Shaped Candle provides a quirky gift choice during this festival of Light

The 3 Piece Pillar Shaped Candle can make for a nice gift item because of its quirky design and warm shades, which can accentuate the look of any tabletop or shelf. The 3 candles come in the pillar shape just as the name suggests, with one being the tallest and other two decreasing in height progressively. Therefore, the 3 candles placed next to one another provide quite a sight to all the onlookers, and bring much more to the table stylistically than what one would expect.

Gift Specification:
SKU: DLI-0020
Dimension: 5.25" X 3" X 3", 4.25" X 3" X 3", 3.25" X 3" X 3" (approx)


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