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German Silver Pankhi for Pooja Use

German Silver Pankhi for Pooja Use

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This German Silver Pankhi for Pooja Use is the ideal choice for enhancing great aesthetics for every single of pooja accessories

The German Silver Pankhi for Pooja Use boasts of immaculate designing, which makes it a pleasure to behold, in addition to its use for performing various traditional rituals on auspicious occasions. The beauty of this traditional hand fan lies in the intricate design work, which combines with the fine finish to make this handicraft piece a superb specimen of ethnic craftsmanship. Therefore, it provides its owners an opportunity to revel in its peerless beauty and splendor, while also making full use of it as a pooja accessory.

Gift Specification:
SKU: BH-0437
Dimension: 3 Inch (approx)


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