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Antique Shaped Candle Holder

Antique Shaped Candle Holder

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The Antique Shaped Gel Candle can mesmerize all its onlookers with its breathtakingly stunning design

This Antique Shaped Gel Candle justifies its name, and truly resembles an antique item with the help of its unique and intricate design. The design execution on the gel candle serves as its major attraction, and the item can serve as much more than a mere candle. This piece will be at home amidst the most magnificent of home d├ęcor because of its breathtakingly stunning design. Therefore, lovers of classy and quality items are bound to fall in love with this piece if they wish their choice of candle to be as aesthetic as every other item in their household.

Gift Specification:
SKU: DLI-0023
Dimension: 6" X 4" X 4" (approx)


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