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Artistic candle holder

Artistic candle holder

of 51 reviews

The Artistic Candle Holder boasts unique design to make it a show stealer under any setting

This Artistic Candle Holder has the ability to give an illusion of truly incredible artwork present on its wall. This happens when a lighted candle is present inside it, which justifies its claim to be artistic instead of being just another candleholder. This piece sports an otherwise simple design pattern but it transforms the moment it possesses a lighted candle in its belly. Therefore, this piece can be ideal both for people fond of quirky home d├ęcor items, and for those looking to gift something aesthetically pleasing to others on a special occasion such as Diwali.

Gift Specification:
SKU: DLI-0026
Dimension: 5" X 4" X 4" (approx)


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