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Golden decorative candle hamper

Golden decorative candle hamper

of 217 reviews

The Golden Decorative Candle Hamper provides a neat and attractive choice as a gift item to all

This Golden Decorative Candle Hamper comes in extremely neat and elegant packaging, which consists of 4 pieces of candle in a decreasing order in terms of length. The candle to the left is of the longest dimension, and the other three become progressively shorter. Moreover, the coloring of the package is in harmony with the color scheme of the candles to provide a dazzling effect to everyone staring at it. The hamper makes for a nice gift item because it can look nice on any shelf even if the recipients can bring themselves to actually opening the pack and lighting one of the candles.

Gift Specification:
SKU: DLI-0007
Dimension: 8" X 7.25" X 1.25" (approx)


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