Meenakari Handicraft Items

About Meenakari & It's Hand Art

Meenakari designs are one of the most vibrant kinds to decorate your interior.  We try to materialize the actual understanding of meenakari work comprising of patterns of animals and birds in colors like blue, green, red, yellow and green in our items.

Meenakari handcrafts have been delicately made by us involving a metal painted with enamel which can hold on to it, giving it a colorful outlook. We manufacture these items which are essentially used for decorating houses, offices, hotels, and for gifting purposes on several occasions. It also include horse handicrafts, ganesh handicrafts, peacock, camel, elephant and lion handicrafts, etc.

A vast range of our Indian handicrafts are available online at to cater to the increasing demand for the product in the local as well as international market.

We makes such meenakari items available like dry fruit box, painting frames, small containers, jewelries, and so on. With the addition of intricate details, the meenakari works are further highlighted. The colors add life to the products making them attractive and exquisite.

The meenakari work also holds special importance as it involves within itself a royal touch of ethnicity. When a product embellished with meenakari work is seated in any corner of the house, the entire place gets enchanted. The concrete patterns and the use of solid colors give the sculptures a special identity. Even a simple pen stand can stand unique with the help of meenakari designs.

The meenakari designs mostly include a floral backdrop against which patterns of animals and birds are drawn. The colors highlight the object much more than the designs.

Our handicraft items keenly signifies the desert life, its animals and plants, and their ways of life. With such vibrant crafts present, any mundane surrounding can be illuminated. These pieces are ideal for decorating as well as for gifting purposes especially during the festive season as the products are traditionally rich.

Our meenakari products are the result of the amalgamation of traditional colors and modern intricacies of art. Our exclusive items are sure to spellbind any person with their shear beauties.