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Fabulous Golden Polish Pooja Thali With Rakhi & Sweets

Fabulous Golden Polish Pooja Thali With Rakhi & Sweets

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Celebrate Rakhi with this Fabulous Golden Pooja Thali & sweets.

The Golden Pooja Thali easily seals the deal on being the perfect item for performing all the rituals associated with Rakhi simply because of the range of accessories that come along with it. Thus, users of this item get to use one piece each of Lota, Chammach, Diya, Ghanti, Prashad Katori, and Agarbatti Stand. The Golden Pooja Thali has also laden itself with a number of delicacies on the food front, which includes a 500gms of the most delectable Sohan Papdi sweet. Moreover, the packets of Roli, Chawal, and a bundle of Moli completely rounds off this package while the Rakhi for Bhaiya makes it the perfect choice for celebrating Rakhi.

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