Rajasthani Ragini Gujari Wooden Gemstone Jewellery Box

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6 X 8 inch approx
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₹ 450.00 /piece

Introducing a mesmerising Rajasthani Ragini Gujari wooden gemstone jewellery box. The extraordinary exquisiteness of the box beats the monotonousness of useful items. Crafted from high-quality wood, the box is ideal for gifting every woman a useful yet elegant gift item.

Hold Multiple Jewellery Items - The Rajasthani jewellery box are spacious enough to hold different type of jewellery items. Be it rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, there is ample space to store every item together. Almost every large-sized item, like bracelets and neckpieces, can find space in the jewellery box.

Bewitching Painting on Top - The beauty of the box lies on the top. Layered with an intriguing painting on the top, it appeals to every at first sight. When kept on the dressing table, it catches the attention of everyone.

Durable Material - The box is made from premium wood quality and glass on the top, which does not deteriorate quickly. If handled properly, the shine and durability of the box will likely live longer than expected.

Carving on Border - The magnificence of the box lies in its border design and material. The carving on the border is brass. It makes it more durable and beautiful. The whole look of the box is immaculate because of the border; its rich color is mesmerizing.

Astonishing Jewellery Display - Storing jewellery items is not the sole purpose of our jewellery box. In addition, it serves the purpose of a beautiful presentation of jewellery. While selecting a piece for Outfit of the day or showing a new collection to someone, the box becomes handy for a lovely display.

Secure Storage for Jewellery - Wooden box stores jewellery in a safe way. The inside of the box is covered with velvet cloth that provides safe storage space for every item and metal, be it precious stones, gold, silver, german-silver, or artificial jewellery. If handled roughly, the wood used to manufacture the box is sturdy enough to prevent the jewlellery from damage or breakage.

Handcrafted Item - Skilled artisans use their skills to craft this stunning jewellery box. They give keen attention to details while crafting to ensure the end product is amazing. On the glass’s back side, crushed gemstones are pasted to make the shape and design. The finishing done with their hands enhances the overall quality of the box and amplifies its looks, which leaves everyone awestruck.

Customizable Design -The top of the box is easy to customize. To enhance the overall beauty of the box, one can choose a religious idol or other design at the top. The customization option is available in almost every size.

Our Rajasthani Ragini Gujari Wooden Gemstone Jewellery Box is an excellent gift item that each friend or guest adores. It not only serves the purpose of jewllery storage but also the decoration of the room. That’s the beauty of this jewellery box, and everyone appreciates it. Apart from utilising it to store jewellery, it becomes an ideal decor piece for a dressing table. Check out this piece now to gift it to your guests, friends or family members and amaze them.

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