Baby Shower Return Gifts

Pooja Thali made of German Silver
740.00 - ₹ 870.00
Designer German silver made Pooja thali with bell, diya and agarbatti stand to spruce up your antique showcase!
Designer German Silver Glass Set of Two
1,380.00 - ₹ 1,630.00
This designer glass set of two in german silver is sure to make its presence felt with its aesthetic opulence on any dinner table.
Exquisitely Carved Wooden Temple For Puja
950.00 - ₹ 1,130.00
This exquisitely carved wooden temple for puja is bound to add piety and auspiciousness to any household by being the abode of divinity.
Brass Ganesha Statue with Embossed Work
This brass ganesha statue with embossed work is sure to add to the aesthetic appeal and auspiciousness of any home interior its adorns.
Stone embedded wooden wall clock
600.00 - ₹ 720.00
The stone embedded multicolor square shaped wooden wall clock is ideal for adding to the visual appeal of your home interior.
Oxidised metal serving plate
230.00 - ₹ 270.00
Forming one half of a serving set along with serving bowls of similar design, these make for the perfect gift
Metallic idol of Lord Kanha on Jhula
1,140.00 - ₹ 1,350.00
Sophisticated carvings along with broad golden strokes make this showpiece of lord Kanha on a jhula make this a must have for the modern household
Metal Ganesha for Wall Hanging
430.00 - ₹ 510.00
Om and swastik symbol coupled with lord ganesha will give you a sense of peace, divinity and tranquility, wherever you are.
Red hued Lord Ganesha idol for Wall Hanging
Ganesh chaturthi is almost here. Decorate your home with the lord ganesha in red dhoti on green leaf wall hanging which is bright, vibrant and divine as well
Laxmi-Ganesha Wall Hanging for Shubh Labh
Illuminate your beloved home with this divine and positive wall hanging of laxmi and ganesha which is made from genuine white metal which portrays the state of art creativity and talent of the artisans in India.
Metal lord Ganesha showpiece
370.00 - ₹ 440.00
Lord ganesh is a symbol of peace and happiness and this is what the lord ganesha statue on flower home décor symbolizes
Metal Pagdi Lord Ganesha Online
370.00 - ₹ 440.00
Enlighten your home this puja with this beautiful looking statue of metal pagdi lord ganesh on round base with aasan made from shiny metal which adds elegance and peace to your home
Brown metal lord Ganesha figurine
350.00 - ₹ 420.00
The beautiful looking metal effigy of lord ganesh is definitely going to turn heads around with its classiness, divinity and grace
9 variant lord Ganesha wall hanging
430.00 - ₹ 510.00
Lord ganesha is known to be the god of peace, prosperity and wealth. This wall hanging of lord ganesha with 9 variants is one of the best looking wall hangings that is coupled with style and divinity
Illuminating Your Home With Wall Hanging Of Laddu Gopal
Laddoo gopal has always been known to be auspicious and has been known for its chubby cheeks and charismatic personality. Illuminate your home with the lovely white metal wall hanging that is surely to turn heads around.
Laughing Buddha Decorative As A Great Feng Shui Décor
Laughing Buddha is kept in various homes as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Ehance your household with the status of laughing Buddha made of pure and durable resin fiber. This laughing Buddha is made with various kinds of colors and will help by imparting energy in your homes.
Antique Finish White Metal Round Photo Frame For 2 Photos
Antique finish white metal round photo frame for 2 photos is an ideal wedding gift or anniversary gift for your loved one. It holds precious memories. Made of antique finished white metal, this round photo frame has an elegant look accompanied by style and ethnicity. It surpasses all the contemporary photo frames in style and efficacy as well
Antique Finish White Metal Rectangular Photo Frame To Decorate Your Homes
The antique finish white metal rectangular photo frame has been diligently handcrafted by some of the best artists and craftsmen in India to give the frame an ethnic as well a elegant look. The rectangular shape gives the photo frame an unique appearance and it is also an ideal gift for your loved ones back home.
Bring Home The Metal Wall Hanging Of Lord Ganesha On Creative Leaf This Season
Enlighten your home this puja with this beautiful looking statue of lord ganesh on creative leaf made from shiny metal which adds elegance and peace to your home. Make heads turn round with awe at this amazing piece of creation that you should definitely purchase for yourself and your loved ones!
Hand painted wooden box
470.00 - ₹ 560.00
Hand painted & crafted wooden box is essential for daily use. The beautiful wooden hand painted box splashes the vivacity of this art piece, which makes it irresistable to have.
Metal and Crystal Box For Sale for your Posh Home Décor
The killer combination of silver & golden simply reflects the exuberance of elegance. Choose this box to keep you jewelries or valuable belongings. You can also think it as an option of gifting someone special whom you love.
Oxidised metal and glass made golden tortoise
Tortoise with a bowl signifies as the luck for different. The golden & white combination of colour, majestic design makes the piece a must to have in home.
Checkered design wooden dry fruit box
330.00 - ₹ 390.00
This dry fruit box of minimalistic design will compliment any corresponding show piece or item that it is placed near, or paired with
Golden coloured Buddha Shaped Candle Holder
The golden hued Buddha shaped candle holder has a lustrous exterior & appearance that it is sure to garner you plenty of compliments. Buy this to enjoy the enchanting moments in peace.
Wooden Meenakari Designed Swing from Rajasthan
Buy this product & decorate your house by using it as showpiece or for home temple. The rich meenakari work all over the body truly makes it gorgeous that will keep your eyes wide open.
Traditional Gemstone Painted Diary with handmade papers
This gemstone painted diary can be ideal choice as a new year or birthday or corporate gift. The handmade papers used in it are very fine to write on & simultaneously venerate the rich Rajasthani art practiced.
Wooden Dryfruit Box With Resin and Brass
Wonderfully crafted and flawlessly designed, this wooden dry fruit box is the best option to beautify your tabletop as well as the finest option of return gift.
Apple shaped wooden box with meeankari work
Apple shaped wooden box having metal lid on it is nothing but a transfixing sample of epic crafting. The entire meenakari work reflects the devotion and dedication of the master craftsman.
Metallic cow and calf showpiece
160.00 - ₹ 190.00
Showcase your down to earth nature with this exclusive metal cow and calf showpiece with intricate designs and a polished silver look that goes great with all types of tables and shelves.
Spiritual turban ganesh idol on chowki
210.00 - ₹ 250.00
Colourful ganesh on chowki idol is the perfect gift for the festive season. Made from resin this piece of beauty is a fresh face for vibrancy.
Oxidized Ganesh ji
410.00 - ₹ 480.00
An oxidized Ganesha to add a sense of auspiciousness
Meenakari metal blue camel
280.00 - ₹ 330.00
A standing camel with meenakari work all over it helps in adding to your style quotient
Oxidised Radha Krishna idol
510.00 - ₹ 610.00
Oxidized idol of radha krishna sitting under a tree to increase the beauty of your place
Designer Square Box in Wooden and Oxidized Metal
The unique combination of metal and wood makes this designer square box in wood and oxidized metal an interesting choice for its buyers looking for gifts under 250 rupees.

Baby Shower Return Gifts India

Baby showers are all about blessing the mother and newborn with good wishes (Of life's sweetest experience), but the tradition of gift giving is an integral part of this joyous celebration as well.

Even then, what can be quite daunting for any new parent is the thought of coming with how impressive return gift ideas for the guests attending their baby shower function. However, one look at the impressive collection of handicraft items on offer at Boontoon is sure to dispel all such fears because it is the most popular online destination for the baby shower return gift ideas India.

Boontoon for Baby Shower Favors India

We at Boontoon, offer the most mindboggling experience of a exquisite collection of traditional Indian handicraft items that stands as testimony to the superb craftsmanship of their makers. Therefore, our collection can be the ideal hunting ground for the most beautiful of baby shower return gifts for guests.

Moreover, the fact that we offer only the very best of handmade items means that parents will be in a position to make their guests feel extremely special by gifting them one of these beauties. The items that form part of our impressive baby shower return gifts India collection include practically everything ranging from the most exquisite of accessories for the dinner table to highly auspicious divine pieces meant for adding to the piety of any household.

Our customers will also discover the diversity in the materials used in the carving of the intricate handicraft items that are part of our inventory of baby shower favors, and the choice of material range from wood, and marble to meenakari metal, and even German silver and crystals. Therefore, pick anything from utilitarian clock pieces carved from a variety of materials to tell time, as well as, enhance the decor of the room, or idols of your favorite deities to add to the auspiciousness of your household.

Boontoon ensures the quality of every piece that forms part of our collection, while remaining the most authentic choice as the provider of the best of baby shower gift ideas India. Visit us to find the most beautiful of handicraft items to pick as baby shower return gifts to make your guests feel that much more special.