Wooden handicrafts care
how to care for wooden handicrafts

Wooden Handicrafts are the most popular alternative for modern home designs. Their creative workmanship leaves you feeling clean, fresh, and comfortable. Customer preferences grew, whether it be wood or intricately carved objects. Any living room or entryway will benefit from the charm and personality of this beautiful wood piece. However, you have to make sure that this piece of furniture does not lose its popularity with time.

To keep the shine for many years, you must keep it clean and dust-free with proper care and cleaning. When we talk about handmade wood crafts, we don’t just mean wall hangings, statues, or other decorative items; We also mean wooden furniture, especially curved pieces.

Why Should You Clean Wooden Handicrafts?

Cleaning wooden handicraft items you have purchased from leading wooden handicraft maker Boontoon is recommended for many reasons. Making wooden handicraft items last longer is the number one and most important reason to store and care for them.

You don’t want to throw away something beautiful after a few months. Handicraft Wooden gifts are also resistant to corrosion with regular cleaning. This also ensures their resistance to attack by various insects and pests.

The persistent and natural luster of the wood is maintained even with regular washing. Take care of him to prolong his life and increase his attractiveness. Boontoon, a leading manufacturer of wood crafts, uses a variety of techniques and ideas to prevent your wooden items whether it is Wooden & Brass Handicrafts, Wooden Gemstone handicrafts, wooden with meenakari work handicrafts, Colorful Wall Clock As a Showpiece, wooden furniture, or any other useful items made of wood. Our main goal is to offer consumers the best handicrafts at reasonable prices. So browse our website and choose the perfect wooden handicrafts for your home online. 

What are the General Maintenance Precautions for Rough Wooden Handicrafts?

It is essential to understand what raw wood crafting is before delving into the details of care. One type of wood is known as untreated “raw wood”. Usually, a coating or coating is applied to the wood to provide water and oil resistance. Their wild forest looks like a raw forest. Below is a list of ways you can care for your handicraft items.

  • Sanding wood artwork is one of the most effective ways to destroy its aesthetic appeal. To avoid damaging the grain of the wood, be sure to sand in the same direction. It is recommended to clean hardwood surfaces with a brush after sanding.
  • You can also apply linseed oil with a brush to maintain the shine of your handmade wooden creations. Let the wood dry undisturbed for some time to absorb the oil.
  • Use a clean cloth to remove excess liquid from the outside of the wooden object. I gave it a few more hours to dry.
  • To ensure that the surface of the unique wood crafts is well sealed and there are no gaps for dust particles to enter, repeat the last two operations. The second and third processes are very important because they protect from pollutants and water.

How to Care for Wooden Handicrafts at Home?

How to care for wooden handicrafts?

Choose Carefully Where to Place It

Temperature changes can affect the natural wood used to make solid wood products. The wood on your furniture can warp if you place it near a vent, in direct sunlight, or a cold wind. Place your furniture away from heating and cooling vents to protect the wood. Install blinds to protect the tree from the harsh sun if there are lots of windows in the room.

Keep It Clean

You may be surprised to learn that dust can damage wood furniture. When dust particles accumulate, they can cause small scratches and stains on wood surfaces. You only need to clean the furniture with a soft cloth once a week to prevent it. Use a dry or damp cloth as desired. Remember to wipe down to the grain of the wood and dry afterward if you use a damp cloth.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

A soft, dry cloth is usually sufficient for cleaning wood furniture. Alternatively, you can apply a mild soapy solution or a cloth dampened with clean water. Most wood cleaners should be avoided, especially those containing silicone or ammonia. Instead, spend your money on a quality wax-based furniture polish.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Extreme humidity as temperature fluctuations, wood can warp. The recommended humidity is 40 to 45 percent. Wood will not dry out or shrink if the humidifier is operated in a dry environment. To prevent the wood from expanding and warping in some areas, you may want to turn on the air conditioner or dehumidifier during warm, humid months.

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