Gift giving is a common tradition in different parts of the world. People give gifts to their loved ones whenever they are invited on a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, baby shower party, house warming, etc. On the other hand, the host also gives return gifts to their guests as a gesture of their love and respect. Return gifts are considered a great idea to thank all those persons who have attended your special event. The main objective of return gifts is to build a strong relationship with guests and it can also make your occasion memorable.

Therefore, it is worth investing in returning gifts to appreciate your invitees. The tradition of return gifts has been adopted in the past centuries. Queens, kings, and rich European aristocrats used to give gifts to their guests to make sure they leave the event satisfied. In that era, small gift items were given as return gifts such as precious stones, crystal, porcelain, and even gold. After that, people started giving sugar as a returning gift when sugar became the most sought commodity.

These days, you can easily find many websites that sell return gifts under 300. All you need is to choose the gift which your guests would love to receive. Make sure your gift is meaningful and show your love for the invitee. Your gift should be practical so that guests can use them.A non-practical gift can have a bad impact on your guests,so you need to select something that adds value to their life. Everybody loves eating so why not give something edible? These days, edibles are becoming quite popular among the invitees and chocolate is among the most favorite.

You can also give something that depicts your cultural values. Like if you are hosting an Indian wedding ceremony then Indian handicrafts can be the best-returning gifts. But if you are a Russian, then small pictures and candles can delight your guests. You don’t need to spend a huge sum of money as you can buy wonderful return gifts at affordable rates if you check out  Let’s have a look at some of the amazing return gifts under 300 that anyone would love to receive.

Here are Top Return Gifts under 300:

Oxidized designer small paan plate

You can give this self-carved oxidized silver paan plate to your invitees to make your occasion unforgettable. A thank you note or guest name can also be engraved on this plate to cherish your guests.

Oxidised paan plate

Designer wooden camel set

This beautifully-designed camel set can be a great way to thanks your guests for attending your special day. You can get this designer wooden camel set in just 235.

Camel set

Traditional bani thani gemstone jewelry box

Want to give a return gift to a woman? If yes, then prefer giving this traditional Rajasthani jewelry box.

Jewelry Box

Multicolor Marble Ganesh with Chowki

You can give this marble Ganesh with chowki to your invitees as it is not only reasonable but also a great decoration piece.

Chowki Ganesh

Traditional pen stand with Ragini painting in wood

Enhance the beauty of your guests’ workplace with this wooden pen stand that has an artistic Ragini painting on it.

Pen stand

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