Twin Lotus T-Lite Candle Holder Set:- T-Lite Candle Holders are easier to use and are made up of Metal or glass. T-Lite Candle Holders are mostly monotonous in shape and structure. This Twin Lotus T-Lite Candle Holder Set is an aspect of interior design. These items are imported into ceremonies and cultural celebrations. It provides a secure and safe base for candles to mishaps. Boontoon Provides Special Wedding Return Gifts and for other occasions.

Twin Lotus T-Lite Candle Holder Set in Best Prices

Lite Candle Holders are placed in a special holder, It’s have clear walls to allow light to pass through. These Holder is a gold apt and also used for wedding decorations. Twin Lotus T-Lite Candle Holder Set are set together or in various corners of the house, on coffee tables, and more. These decorative items hold tea light candles and taper candles. It is gifted on occasions like Wedding and Return gifts for weddings, and housewarming.

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SKU: BHC-0006 | Dimension: 16x15x15 cms approx | MOQ: 1

T-Lite Candle Holder Set For Wedding Return Gifts

Wedding Return gifts are gifts given to guests as a token of appreciation. for a Wedding and Event. These gifts are for guests’ presence and make them feel special. This Gift is a Symbol of gratitude and love. Wedding return gifts are useful items that are also culturally significant. These Gifts are not expensive or high-end gifts. This type of gift also helps build stronger relationships with guests.

Return Gifts is that saying “thank you” to your guests for coming to your wedding. In Bootoon there are different types of Gifts are there: some Copper Utensils, Brass, Kansa, German Silver, and Kitchen Utensils and home decor But there are some special gifts such as Harmony In Light Twin Lotus T-Lite Candle Holders Set is the most expensive gifts for everyone.

What are the benefits of buying a T-Lite Candle Holder from Boontoon?

The lifespan of a candle can vary depending on factors such as its size, type, and burn time. The burn time for a candle is often indicated on the packaging. Common sizes include votive candles (about 10-15 hours), tea lights (3-5 hours), and pillar candles (vary widely but can be 20 hours or more).

Keep in mind that burning a candle for extended periods in one sitting may cause it to burn out more quickly. Additionally, factors like drafty conditions, the type of wax used, and the presence of additives can influence the burn time. If properly cared for and burned in optimal conditions, candles can last for the duration specified on the packaging.

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