Role of handicrafts & handlooms in Indian Economy

India is a diverse land with a rich history and the world’s leading agriculture country. Every year, India exports tons of wide range of food, clothing materials to various parts of the world. Out of all exports goods, handicrafts are exported the most. Continue reading “Role of handicrafts & handlooms in Indian Economy”

5 Essential Things to include in your Puja Thali

“A beautiful decorated Pooja Thali adds vivacity to the whole Diwali celebration!”

In Hindu Dharma, Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals. People decorate their homes & workspace with beautiful lights and Diyas, make colourful Rangoli – to please Goddess Lakshmi, cook delightful sweets, take blessings from elders and also create new clothing for God figurines in the Pooja room.   Continue reading “5 Essential Things to include in your Puja Thali”

Stylish Handmade Bags In Trend

Time to add colour to wardrobe, ladies. The brighter it is, the more fashionable it is.

The warm summer season is all around. And, you know what the best part of the summer season is that we can hang out all day in crop tops and loose pyjamas. It does not end here; summer is the time to wear your favourite fabrics that is cotton and linen. Likewise, with trendy summer cotton tops you can also match your fashionable bags with them. How? All you have to follow these DIY steps to make pretty handmade bags at home.

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This Mother’s day – Celebrate the strength of your Mother

She is our best friend.

She motivates us, inspires us, guide us, cheers us and help us.

She sacrifices her needs for us, she wipes our tears but wells up from inside.

She fulfils our stomach, but herself sleeps empty.

She never asks for much, she never complains about the things which she doesn’t have, she finds happiness in all those sweet moments. All she wants is love and respect.

She is our beloved MOM, and we love her.

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Corporate Gift Ideas to beat the heat during summer month

“Giving a gift is a sweet gesture, but selecting the appropriate gift is an art.”

Corporate gifting is a well-establish trend, and many multinational companies rely on this trend to keep their relationship with clients & business partners healthy. Continue reading “Corporate Gift Ideas to beat the heat during summer month”