This Mother’s day – Celebrate the strength of your Mother

She is our best friend.

She motivates us, inspires us, guide us, cheers us and help us.

She sacrifices her needs for us, she wipes our tears but wells up from inside.

She fulfils our stomach, but herself sleeps empty.

She never asks for much, she never complains about the things which she doesn’t have, she finds happiness in all those sweet moments. All she wants is love and respect.

She is our beloved MOM, and we love her.

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Corporate Gift Ideas to beat the heat during summer month

“Giving a gift is a sweet gesture, but selecting the appropriate gift is an art.”

Corporate gifting is a well-establish trend, and many multinational companies rely on this trend to keep their relationship with clients & business partners healthy. Continue reading “Corporate Gift Ideas to beat the heat during summer month”

How Your Next Corporate Gift Can Also Help India’s Rural Artisans

Corporate Gifting – a phrase which has become extremely popular by the turn of the century.

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A Business guide to corporate gifting

The trend of gifting is not limited to special occasions. Companies are even taking care of it and appreciate employees hard work and efforts as well as maintain healthy relationship with clients. But, sometimes these companies face difficulty in finding the correct gift either online or offline. Online platform offers numerous options to choose a valuable corporate gift. Continue reading “A Business guide to corporate gifting”

Thoughtful unique wedding gifts

Ho! Ho! Winters is around. What you guys are doing? Going for trips, or rest home? Most of you must be attending marriages, right? The winter’s, most preferable time for the couples to tie the knot. What you are planning to give to your beloved friend or relative? Not decided, is it confusing?

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