Rakhi, the Eternal bond between brother & sister – Few Sweet Gift Ideas

Rakhi is the bond of protection, which is celebrated to strengthen the relationship between the brother and sister. Rakhi is a sacred thread of love that is embellished with joy and affection of a sister for her brother. Continue reading “Rakhi, the Eternal bond between brother & sister – Few Sweet Gift Ideas”

Thoughtful unique wedding gifts

Ho! Ho! Winters is around. What you guys are doing? Going for trips, or rest home? Most of you must be attending marriages, right? The winter’s, most preferable time for the couples to tie the knot. What you are planning to give to your beloved friend or relative? Not decided, is it confusing?

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Make Handmade Gifts for the Relief Society

Relief Society is the women’s organization of the Lord Jesus. The relief society was originated in March 1842 by the Prophet Joseph Smith. The primary purpose of the relief society is to prepare the women for the blessings of eternal life, faith and personal righteousness. It helps sisters to strengthen their bond with families and of course help those who are in need.

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How In Giving Gifts Power & Prestige Matters

It is that time of the holiday again. Or you are attending a loved one’s special occasion like a birthday, wedding or anniversary or baby shower, if asked what the one thing common and synonymous with the holidays and occasions apart from the festivities themselves is, gift giving is likely going to be your answer. Continue reading “How In Giving Gifts Power & Prestige Matters”

Most Fascinating Relation: Brother & Sister

The relationship between a brother and a sister is something very unusual and holistic relation in this world; they are like permanent friends. Usually, siblings have a love-hate relationship. They play a significant role in each other’s lives and can be a great companion. Continue reading “Most Fascinating Relation: Brother & Sister”