Many individuals want to decorate their homes, and so many people like to start decorations right at the entranceway. They keep potted plants, welcome mats, door hangings, eye-catching shoe racks, and other items there. Then there are those who prefer to keep a toran or bandarwar, which are a little more conventional.

The word toran, also known as “toranam” in Tamil and “bandarwar” in Hindi, is derived from the Sanskrit word “Torana”.

In Buddhist texts, where it is referred to as the sacred entryway or gateway, “Toran” is also mentioned.

In actuality, the Sanchi Stupa is regarded as one of India’s earliest examples of Toran Buddhist architecture.

History of Door Hangings in India

An ornamental door hanging was once made with fresh flowers like marigolds and mango leaves. Banyan, Peepal, or Ashoka leaves or mango leaves if none were available but red, yellow, orange, and green are the standard colors used for traditional torans.


The purpose of these lovely bandarwars is to both welcome visitors to home and to invite Goddess Lakshmi. Additionally, it is supposed to hanging torans on the front entrance can ward off bad spirits , harmful entities and energy. Some homeowners also believe that if they tie a toran at their front entrance, their wishes will come true.

Shubh Labh Door Toran

It is noteworthy that books as old as the Bhagavad Gita and the Puranas describe hanging leaves at the entrance door of the house. It mentions about placing sizable ornamented water pots, lights, and strings of mango leaves and flowers at a home’s door.

Traditional Toran Door Hangings in India

The classic toran has evolved over time into a variety of forms in India, and there are more recent variations as well.

However, it would be fascinating to understand the traditional components a little better before moving on to the more modern variations.

Traditional torans most frequently have certain colors, and there are good reasons for doing so:
Parrot Wall Hanging
Colorful parrot door hanging with pompom
  • Yellow is a color that represents growth, knowledge, harmony, and the beginning of spring. Also, it is one of the colors artisan use most frequently in traditional torans.
  • Red is a color of power and stands for marital love. Thus, you can often find it in the houses of newlyweds. At online stores, you can surely get door torans that are crimson in color.
  • Green is supposed to help stabilize emotional imbalances since it represents fertility, prosperity, happiness, and serenity. Inviting luck into your home also stands for Mother Nature.
  • Saffron is a color that Hindus believe to be particularly auspicious. It represents generosity and purity.
More about Toran and door hangings –
Handmade door hanging with decorative bells
Handmade door hanging with decorative bells

Torans of a more contemporary style employs beads, danglers, and materials like satin and felt instead of the traditional threads, flowers, and leaves.

Additionally, you may discover metallic torans as well as ones embellished with crystals, beads, and gemstones. All these provide the conventional toran with a more glitzy appearance.

you can purchase door hangings from home decoration stores as well as online stores.

Where you can choose from a variety of torans and door hangings that are both classic and contemporary in appearance.

Why Buy Door Hangings in India Online?

There are many different styles of torans and bandarwars available online, including ones with kalashes and diyas good for celebratory occasions like Diwali and Dhanteras.

Then there are festive buntings and bandarwars with flowery patterns, which may be utilized for any special occasion or even when you just want your home to look fantastic.

There are so many alternatives to pick from, from beads and pearls to ribbons and hangings, that once you see the variety, you will want to buy more than one!

Dome Shaped Wall Hanging With Hanging Elephants

You can use the torans to hang around the house, and your options are not limited to tying them to the front doors.

Hang torans on the windows and doors of the individual rooms as well, to give your house a little extra flair.

You are likely to find a wide range of options when you visit online stores. These stores include door hangings made by hundreds of skilled local artisans and craftspeople. There will be something that catches your interest, whether you want to choose something that is entirely traditional and will give an extra charm to your celebrations or need something entirely original and modern.

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