Gifting someone is probably the best way to convey your affection and love towards a person who holds a significant place in your life. Whether he or she is staying with you in the same house, in your locality, city or elsewhere in the globe, nothing can be more precious than sending that person a surprise gift for a special occasion or just like that.

When it comes to gifting a child, toys, books or crafts materials are the best gifts that one can think of. It is not a difficult task to choose gifts for them. However, when it comes to selecting a gift for an adult, whether a family member or a friend, the task may get difficult. While chocolates and flowers rule the list at any given point in time, many other gift items can also be explored, especially when it comes to gifting a friend who is staying abroad.


For friends and family members settled elsewhere, handicraft gifts are the best options. With the development and growth in the Indian e-commerce scenario, the opportunity to sell Indian handicrafts Items online has increased by leaps and bounds. The artisans and the craftsmen are now encouraged and hired by several non-profit organisations which fund the production of the handicraft goods and showcase them on an online platform to reach out to a wider customer base.

The process to buy handicrafts items online and get them delivered at any corner of the globe has made the custom of gifting on occasions and festivals more special. There are many online portals that allow users to choose a variety of handicraft gifts such as wooden fixtures and decorative items for home decor, paintings and jharokhas, statues of different sizes made of metals such as brass, German silver bowls & glasses, office wear like pen or mobile stand, clocks, metal, jewellery boxes and other decor items made of meenakari, marble, wooden or soil, etc. These items are mainly used for home décor and are considered to be ideal for gifting a friend who stays outside India.

The variety of German Silver Handicraft items like bowls and Pooja plates, stone carvings, jewellery, oxidised items are a reflection of the richness that Indian culture and heritage bears. These are elegant in their designs and execute the traditional art in their works. The illustrious designs in the jewellery and the statues of Indian Gods are proved of the detailing that the Indian craftsmen and artisans use in their work.


The best choices for choosing Indian handicraft items for gifting friends and family abroad are the beautiful pair of bowls, glasses or pooja thali made of German silver, idols of Indian Gods such as Ganesha, Lakshmi that are made with wood, soil or metals and are painted in exotic colours. The best feature about these idols is each are different in their designs. Items such as Pashmina from Kashmir, Phulkari from Punjab or embroidered clothes from Gujarat or handicraft items made of wood, marble meenakari work from Rajasthan can also be gifted through online retail Indian handicraft portals.

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