Getting late for the party? Don’t know what to present in gift or return gifts and from where to purchase? Are you thinking about handmade gift or DIY gifts and continuously browsing YouTube videos but still not able to select the right handmade present as per the occasion – an utterly tight situation.

Well, this is a very common thing which generally happens when we have to rush to an important event. Almost everyone faces that situation before, and it can be a frustrating place to be. But after reading this article, you won’t meet that last minute problem.

If you are terrific in clay pottery, then try making beautiful pots at home. Embellished the clay pots with gemstones or engrave the name on it. Don’t be shy, in trying Handicrafts Items

Knitting and crochet: Crocheting and knitting are simple enough for a young child to master. Start with elegant design and then move to complicated ones. It is a wonderful handmade gift that always appreciated.

You can craft bags, scarves, blankets as well as hats with kitting.

Herbal Products: Gift your loved ones a touch of naturality by presenting them with herbal products. Try making some herbal products with essential oils at homes such as showers gels, lotions, soap bars, body scrubs and more.

Handmade ornaments: Drape the colourful threads and start creating fabulous jewellery with beads, stones, wires and needles.

Handmade photo frames: Relive the old moments by creating a beautiful personalised handmade frame.

Handmade welcome mats: Your receiver would it when you present them with a trendy knitted handmade welcome mats. You can also use old towels to make mate.

Handmade scented candles: Add the scent of your love to handmade candles.

Pot holders: What about creating small pots and placing handmade dark chocolates in it.

Hanging photo frames: Nothing is beautiful than a personalised wall hanging photo frame.

Bookmarks: Craft some elegant bookmarks with crochet, flowers and present it to book lover.

Cell phone cases: Present your friends with a knitted mobile phone case.

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