Make Handmade Gift Items for the Relief Society

Relief Society is the women’s organization of the Lord Jesus. The relief society was originated in March 1842 by the Prophet Joseph Smith. The primary purpose of the relief society is to prepare the women for the blessings of eternal life, faith and personal righteousness. It helps sisters to strengthen their bond with families and of course help those who are in need.

The women in relief society are active, purposeful and work together. They work in the home, and out of the homes even they work in remote villages and large cities, despite any culture, nationalities and experiences. The women in relief society work with the man to build up the kingdom of God on Earth.

Relief Society in Numbers

  • All the adult women of the church are the member of Relief Society.
  • Relief Society is approximately working in 170 countries, throughout the world.
  • Nearly, there are six million women in relief society.

Today, all the women in relief society have rich and faithful heritage. Relief Society is considered as the “oldest and largest women’s organization in the world.”

What is the motto of relief society?

The motto of Relief Society is “Charity never faileth”. Today, the primary work of relief society is to look after the spiritual welfare of the women.

The women who work in relief society always work for others people happiness, they solely devote their lives to the welfare of the organisation. So, it’s our responsibility to look after them, to greet them with gifts and love.

So, if you are looking for any type of gift which is unique and through which you can express your affection and thoughts to relief society women then surprise them with Handmade gift items.  Handmade gifts lend a personal touch. Moreover, they are inexpensive and eco-friendly.

Down below, Boontoon has shared few creative ways to craft beautiful handmade gift items.

Thread wrapped bracelet: Simple and easy to make a  beautiful thread bracelet. A bracelet represents a bond of friendship and strengthens it.

Wooden Necklace: Create a charming wooden necklace engraved with crystals and gems.

Handbags: Take any piece of cloth to create a beautiful bag. Don’t forget to put the cookies and chocolates.

Paper flowers: Create dozens of paper flowers, tie them in a bunch and give them to sisters.

Crochet Clothes: Knit a beautiful scarf, hand gloves for the sisters.

Printed Gift Card Envelope: Send a love message to relief society women’s enveloped in printed handmade card.

Scented Candles: Make with essential oil that spreads the happiness in surroundings.

Photo frames: Relive the memories with your sisters, by giving them a frame of pictures with their friends and activities.

Fabric print flower pots: Pot a plant in a beautiful fabric printed flower pot.

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