Rajasthan Handicraft – A Magnificent Blend of Colors and Culture

Rajasthan is a magical sojourn reverberating with old culture, natural beauty and rich heritage. Rajasthan is a vibrant and exotic state where the tradition meets the royalty in a blend of colours, against the barren lands. Rajasthan is also kenned as the land of forts, palaces of kings and queens, lakes and dunes. Continue reading “Rajasthan Handicraft – A Magnificent Blend of Colors and Culture”

Top 6 Indian states manufacturing handicrafts

India is a land of diverse cultures and ethnicity. The art and crafts are an integral part of lives of India. The artisans of India are blessed with a rich cultural heritage that reflects in their handicrafts. Every Indian Handicraft has magical and undoubtedly beauty. The Indian Handicrafts are globally famous for their unique, intricate and expressive charm. Continue reading “Top 6 Indian states manufacturing handicrafts”

Give Space to Art and Creativity with Handicrafts

Machines have simplified the daily work to a great extent, but the charm and contentment we get by crafting beautiful crafts with our hands can’t be matched. There are many items which can’t be crafted with machines, and they are coined as Handicrafts. The handicrafts items hold a unique charm which only an artisan can give. Artisans use a different style to craft different handicrafts. The attractive handicrafts which you can find in this range will help you with the home decor, gifting, lifestyle, accessories and more. Continue reading “Give Space to Art and Creativity with Handicrafts”

Finding And Buying Handicrafts Online

A handicraft reveals the rich and diverse tradition of the respective country. The taste of crafting the beautiful handicraft is varied from person to person. Traditionally, the handicrafts were crafted with hands, but these days people do use modern types of equipment to give handicrafts a classy finish. Continue reading “Finding And Buying Handicrafts Online”

Handicrafts of Goa – Capturing the Fancies of Tourists

What is the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear – GOA?

Relaxing Beaches, unique marine life, delicious seafood, historical museums, Catholic Church, Temples and of course Feni.

Goa is located on the southwestern coasts of India; every year nearly thousands of tourist visit Goa to enjoy its scenic beauty. People even come from many parts of the world for its handicrafts. Goa’s Handicraft Items showcase its rich tradition that has blends of Portuguese and Indian Culture. It can be stated that the contemporary art runs in Goan artisans. The artisans make souvenirs crafts for tourists. Continue reading “Handicrafts of Goa – Capturing the Fancies of Tourists”