How In Giving Gifts Power & Prestige Matters

It is that time of the holiday again. Or you are attending a loved one’s special occasion like a birthday, wedding or anniversary or baby shower, if asked what the one thing common and synonymous with the holidays and occasions apart from the festivities themselves is, gift giving is likely going to be your answer.

Gift giving relations has been a practice handed down the ages and is a tradition so ingrained in our culture that we can sometimes fail to see its importance treating it like just another ritual and at the very least, taking it for granted.

Giving Return Gift

However, gift giving is a most important art in the following ways:

The power and prestige gained by the gift giver and recipient forge a powerful connection between them due to the joy received and gained in the process.

Gifts also give the recipient a sense of happiness as they are made aware that they mean something to someone whether as a friend, family member or lover. They feel special that you thought of them when deciding and picking out the gift given.

To the giver, gifts offer a feeling of gratification and happiness from appreciating someone. Indeed, seeing someone’s face light up and glow with happen just from the gift they have received gives the giver a great feeling and creates a special memory born from the excitement that can last a long time.

Giving a return gifts helps you know more about your recipient as during the act of selection, you tend to think about or find out about their interests and what they value or enjoy. This makes you feel and gets closer to them establishing stronger connections.


A gift can also be an experience that brings two or more people together building better and closer relationships that help improve the quality of life.

When given or received gifts help build social relations as they not only fulfil your need and those of your loved ones but also are a token of trust and good will and strengthen the connections between gift giving relations. They also make the exchanges humble and less proud and vain when they are made aware of the love shared between them.

These feelings induced by the simple art of gift exchange are more fulfilling and last for a long time.

The gift giving relations for instance when used by parents to encourage good behaviour or good grades also makes the parent powerful and gives the child prestige whenever he is gifted for achieving such a behaviour or grade making them maintain this good performance.

In the modern era where schedules have become tighter and people are busier, many may find the act of selecting a gift a bit involving. However, even in the mounting frustrations of daily life, gift giving should never feel like a chore and should instead be done once in a while to strengthen relationships and bring happiness. Plus it will take your mind off the daily stresses for a while!

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