India is the only country where festivals are celebrated every month because there is a story behind celebrating Indian festivals that is related to Indian culture and tradition.

Festival Gifting is a tradition, which develops strong relationships between Indians. Exchanging gifts at major festivals of India like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Holi, and Raksha Bandhan is a symbol of love and respect towards the recipient of the gift. The things used as gifts in Indian society are very simple. Most people give sweets as gifts while some people give clothes, jewelry, electronic goods, and home appliances.

Everyone has their own choice as to what they want to buy for whom. What this means is that giving gifts at festivals is an expression of love and gratitude in which personal and professional relationships become stronger.

The Psychology of Festival Gifting in India

Festival gifting in India is a long-standing tradition that was started by the ancestors of Indians. This tradition reflects their culture. Yes, we are mentioning some points that show the psychology behind festival gifting in India.

1. Festival Gifting as Expression of Love and Respect

Gifting to friends, family, and colleagues during Indian festivals is a way to express one’s love, respect, and appreciation, strengthening social bonds and relationships.

2. Symbolism and Tradition

There is a meaning of giving gifts at festivals in India. Giving gifts at festivals is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and togetherness.

3. Reciprocity

There is a cultural expectation of reciprocity in giving gifts at festivals. Indians are bound to receive gifts during special occasions and festivals, thus continuing the cycle of gift-giving.

4. Status and Prestige

Giving gifts at festivals also shows someone’s social standing. Some people give gifts which are very expensive or unique. People who give expensive and unique gifts, their respect increases in society, because everyone keeps giving normal gifts, but the name of the person who gives expensive and unique gifts comes into discussion, due to which his social participation increases.

5. Emotional Fulfillment

Giving and receiving gifts creates positive feelings towards each other which makes it easier for both parties to have good moments with each other. Just think for yourself how good you feel when someone gives you a gift and you start thinking good thoughts for him. So gift giving enhances emotional well-being.

6. Festival Gifting as the Opportunity of Marketing and Consumerism

Gifting at festivals is a great opportunity for businessmen to market their products in festival gifting.

These psychological aspects work as a strategy for the marketers to show their products as gifts and support the Indian cultural people to connect emotionally.

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