Want To Know Appealing Raksha Bandhan Regional Names? Read This!

All of us know that Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all over India, and it has different histories and myths in various parts of India.So owing to this Raksha Bandhan has a truckload of local names, by which it is more popularly known to the people of different communities.

The significance of this particular festival also varies from region to region, which is not what you get to see or hear about other festivals.

This festival is mainly celebrated with all zest in the north and western parts of India,

but this festival has a whole different significance in the southern and the coastal parts of India.

In this blog, we are about to talk about the various local and regional names of Raksha Bandhan.

As already stated above, it has a truckload of names, but we thought of discussing the ones which are really good and would make for a good read. Without wasting any more time let us begin.


  • The first one on our list is the one with which we are all familiar with. But as it is the most famous, we could not exclude it from our list. As all of you guessed it, it is Rakhi. The word “Rakhi” means a cotton bracelet. As a cotton bracelet is mainly used in this festival, the people opted for to give this name;
  • The second one is Rakhi Purnima. This name is mainly given by the people of the north along with the northwestern parts of India.According to customs they have different rituals in different parts, however, the belief remains the same everywhere;
  • At number three on our list is Pavitropana. This name is mainly linked to Gujarat.According to the rituals, on this day, people worship Lord Shiva. People devoted pray, as they believe that during the hour of Pavitropana, a culmination of all the prayer that is done year long can be done;
  • Nariyal Purnima comes at the fourth position on our list. It is called so mainly in the Western Ghats, and in parts of Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka.In these areas, the festival indicates the beginning of the new season, especially for those who are dependent on the sea;
  • At the fifth position, we have allotted the spot to Kajari Purnima. In many areas of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh, it is called so.In these areas, this festival is very important to farmers who have male children;
  • At number six is Avani Avittam or Upakarman. As you may have already guessed by reading the name, this name is mainly used in the southern parts of India which include Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Orissa, although in some parts.This day is said to be very important for the Brahmins, as all of them change their holy threads.

Despite the fact that Raksha Bandhan has a lot of regional names, the basic concept of the festival remains the same everywhere.

2 comments on “Want To Know Appealing Raksha Bandhan Regional Names? Read This!

  1. Amrita

    Nice to know the different names and believes of this festival.I was not aware of it anymore.I only knew that in the past once lady tie rakhi to man for and made him brother to protect her.So since then Indian girls tie rakhi to their brother’s for their long life wishes and as guardian for them.I am amazed to know other culture and believes of people like Nariyal Purnima and Avani Avittam or Upakarman has totally different belives for the festival.But its so good that India is filled with so much of traditions.


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