What is the significance of doing Laxmi and Ganesh pooja during Diwali?

On Diwali, there is a tradition of worshipping Goddess Laxmi and Ganesh, together. Although, Diwali is celebrated as the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya. Then why people worship Laxmi and Ganesh Ji. According to a story in the book named Kartika-Mahatmya, there was a poor Brahmana who was advised to worship Lakshmi Devi by Priest so that she could bestow wealth on him. Though Lord Vishnu is still sleeping and Lakshmiji can show her mercy on any person. Since this Kaliyuga is the age or Rajo Guna is predominant, people want money wealth and prosperity, so they consider its good to worship Lakshmi Ji rather than Lord Ram- the personality of Godhead. Well, this is all spin, for Vaishnavas this day is observed as return day of Lord Ram. Though people are under the illusion of Maya Devi and are not pure devotees, so they think it is essential to worship Goddess Lakshmi for good fortune. Hence, this is the reason why people don’t workship Lord Ram on Diwali.


Why Goddess Laxmi and  Ganesh Worship Together?

It is a well-known fact that Lakshmi Ji is the Goddess of wealth & prosperity and Lord Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles, the God of knowledge and wisdom.

According to one of the sacred writings, Lakshmi Ji was very proud of her intellect supremacy and power. She keeps telling the Lord Vishnu, her husband that She is the only one worthy of worship. She is the one who bestows everyone with money and wealth. On hearing all non-stop praise and all, Lord Vishnu said you have all the powers and essential qualities, but a woman is incomplete without a child. Motherhood is the ultimate joy that a woman can experience, and since Lakshmi Ji did not have any children, she cannot be deemed to be complete. On hearing this Goddess Lakshmi became extremely disillusioned.


With teared-eyes Lakshmi Ji went to meet Goddess Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva & mother of Ganesha & Kartikeya) for help. Since Parvati Ji has two children, so Laksmi Ji asked her to adopt one of her sons. Parvati Ji was hesitated to let Laksmi Ji adopt one of her kids, because of Lakshmi Ji fickle by nature, she won’t stay long on one place; so how she managed to look after her son? But Goddes Laksmi assured Parvati that she would take care of her son, nurture him well. Parvati grew sympathetic towards Laxmi Ji and asked her to adopt Ganesha as Her son.

Goddess Lakshmi becomes overjoyed she bestowed Lord Ganesha with all the prosperity and accomplishments. She also said those who not worship Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi Ji will not bestow them with wealth and prosperity. Hence, Ganesha Ji and Lakshmi Ji are always worshipped together.

Since then no celebration is complete without worshipping them together and Diwali is one of them. It has believed on the night of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi visits each house and blesses everyone with wealth: the concept of wealth is understood as a plentiful supply of all desirable things. So, to be happy & prosperous worship these two deities together.

It is a universal fact, which gaining wealth without intellect will only result in misusing the wealth. So, one must first acquire the intelligence to spend the wealth thoughtfully and correctly. Therefore, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped together on the day of Diwali.

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