Handicrafts in India – Checkout the variety and craftsmanship

India has a rich heritage, and the tradition is evolutionary for centuries. It is evident through the handicraft items. Handicrafts mirror the cultural identity of the people making them. Handicrafts exist in India for ages, and some are well-known such as the Kashmiri carpets, terracotta, Zari embroidered fabrics and silk fabrics, and ceramic products. The…

Utility of Handicraft Items In Daily Use

The Utility of Handicraft Items in Daily Use

Handicraft items, also referred to as craft items, are objects that have been skillfully made by one’s hand. Typically made by hand or through simple tools, handicrafts are typically considered to be more valuable compared to items made in a factory because they are not mass produced. A large number of handicrafts like sculptures, jewelry,…

Some uses of handicrafts

What Are Some Common Uses of Handicrafts?

Introduction You might be wondering; why the heck is the Handicrafts sector in India and the world over experiencing a boom? Let’s face it; the modern world we live in is heavily industrialized—a place where people look for branded products. So, why the growing frenzy about Indian handicrafts? What for God’s sake is going on?…

Are Indian Handicraft Items facing tough competition from machine-made products?

The Indian Handicraft Items are renowned worldwide for their exquisite beauty and charm. The traditional crafts of the nation depict its deep culture and rich heritage. These are designed by skilfull artisans who carry a legacy of their land, myth culture and carve their arts into beautiful sculptures & statues, that exported to foreign countries.