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India is a land of diverse cultures, different religious beliefs and traditions and due to the influence of all these factors, Indian handicrafts vary in the different states across the country.

Besides, the different empires that ruled over the Indian states throughout centuries have also distinctly influenced the evolution of the Indian arts and crafts.

From the very early ages to the present times the rural people of India were making handmade utility items for their daily use.

In the earlier days, these were sold in the village market. With colonisation and the industrial revolution, Indian Handmade products suffered a recess. But now with the introduction of e-commerce facilities, Indian handicrafts online are gaining popularity as decor home items or return gifts for wedding, anniversary, house warming etc. in many American houses.

What Are Indian Handicrafts Online All About?

Items made by hand by the artisans using simple tools or recycled materials called handicrafts. These rural artists never use any sophisticated tools or equipment. These items are produced for serving some special functions and also made for decorative purposes as well.

These have very broad coverage including dolls, wooden works, colourfully designed clothes, hand paintings, woven carpets etc. The artists use many mediums like clay, metal, rocks, shells and stones etc for making the decorative pieces that have a great demand worldwide.

The Different Kinds Of Handicrafts


Engulfed in its rich cultural heritage and unique tradition, India has been the hub of manufacturing handmade items.

The major types of handicrafts are bamboo products, cane handicrafts, items made from bell metal, bone and horn items, brass products, potteries, weaving and embroideries, rural paintings, jute products, dhokra handicrafts, coconut shell handicrafts etc.

One can get all of these items on Indian handicrafts Items online by a click of the mouse.

Regional Differences

India is a vast country and there are many regional variations in the form, style, medium and design of the handmade products that are available in different states.

Rajasthan being synonymous with royal heritage, the handicrafts of Rajasthan follow the royal traditions. These include colorful fabrics embroidered with mirror, beautifully decorated paintings and puppets. Use of such mirror embroidery is also found in Punjab. Fabrics of Rajasthan are also internationally acclaimed for the Tie-dyeing process.

Bordering Rajasthan the handicrafts of Gujarat also have close resemblance with the style of Rajasthan. Bandhani is a unique handmade fabric of Gujarat and this state is also famous for bright conch shell and shellac bangles.


The state of Assam is located in the eastern part of India and it is famous for its silk production and other Indian Handicrafts Online items. Other than textile items handmade cane and bamboo products are also unique to Assam. The tribal areas are also famous for their metallic handicrafts.

Crafts of the southern part of the Indian subcontinent are totally different from that of the other parts. This region has passed through the rule of the Mughal, Dutch, Portuguese, French and British empires and all these have cast their effect on the evolution of handicrafts over and above the South Indian rich culture and heritage. Karnataka is famous for its rosewood and sandalwood items and the entire handicrafts of this region are strongly influenced by mythology.

Why Choose Online Procurement?

Indian handicrafts are so varied that it is hardly possible to find all items in a traditional shop. With the introduction of e-commerce, it is possible to view many items together and opting for Indian handicrafts online you get the advantage of choosing the right item for your home decoration.

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