Nowadays people need a little reason for sharing gifts to others. Gift is a way of sharing your love toward a particular person you are sending the gift. But as everything is getting complex these days. The gift choosing process has also become complicated. This thing only happened because now we are out of options for corporate gifts.

So with the help of this article, we are going to discuss what type of corporate gifts should be given. What is the reason behind the increase in the trend of providing Indian handicraft gifts under corporate gifting?

Let us first have a look at what are corporate gifts. What types of gift we’re being given under this category. Basically, corporate gifts are those type of gifts which are given to the employees of a company or business. These types of gifts are given for appreciating the work of a particular worker. There are a lot of corporate gifts that are being given nowadays. Let us have a look at some of those gifts from the list-

• The first and most seen corporate gift watches. If you are in a business or work for a company, then you might have noticed that they usually don’t have many options in corporate gifts. There must be some employees who might have got watches as corporate gifts from years.

Corporate watches- Boontoon

• The next type of corporate gift is books. These are also so common that people usually don’t go to the office when they are going to get their gift. That’s because they know that they are going to get a book again, as they got in previous year corporate gifts.

Corporate Books- Boontoon

• The third and also one of the most popular corporate gift is a paperweight. After getting such a gift, the employee starts thinking that he had fetched a lot of paperweights that he can now open a shop to sell them.

Corporate Gift Boontoon

These were some of the most common and old fashioned corporate gifts. Let us now move forward to our next point that is Indian handicraft gifts are trending as corporate gifts.

Indian handicraft gifts are trending in corporate gifting-

Indian handicraft gifts are the type of gifts that are made by hands within India. They are made with the help of different kinds of materials such as wood, stones, and many such materials.

Let us first have a look at what’s the reason behind the trending of Indian handicraft gifts under corporate gifting. Here are some reasons-

• The first and most important reason behind the trending of or increase in the use of Indian handicraft gifts for corporate gifts is because all such gifts are unique from any other corporate gift. You’ll notice that every Indian handicraft gifts will be different from one another, no matter it’s for the same purpose. But it will have something uncommon in it. Let us assume that you have two wall clocks that are made by Indian handicraft makers. Although both with be wall clocks, you will notice that both are going to be different from one another. With the use of Indian handicrafts as corporate gifts, the thing that everyone gets the same gifts will get diminished. Hence everyone would be able to show off their gift.

• The second reason because of which Indian handicrafts are being used extensively as corporate gifts are that there’s some made in India feel with that gift. Hence we would be able to promote made in India products, by using Indian handicraft. Moreover, you would also be able to have a look at the talent that Indians have and can take that talent up.

• The third reason because of which Indian handicrafts are being used as corporate gifts is that they are cheaper than any other type of corporate gift. So these gifts are easy to get, as you can buy them from anywhere in India and hence you can get them for a lesser price.

• The fourth reason in the list is that Indian handicraft gifts look good and hence most people are attracted to such gifts. Let us assume that you have a simple wall clock and on the other hand you have a wall clock made by using Indian handicraft techniques. Then the Indian handicraft wall clock gift would be more attractive than the common wall clock.

These were some of the reasons, which states why we are able to see more Indian handicraft gifts under the corporate gifting category. Because of which other types of simple gift options are depleting.

Now let us have a look at some of the best Indian handicraft gift ideas under the corporate gift section. Here is the list of Indian handicraft gifts-

• The first suggestion in Indian handicraft gifts is products for wearing. If you are stuck in several Indian handicraft gift options and are unable to choose one. Then I would suggest you go for a wearing product such as caps under which you can gift your employees’ Himachali caps. If you are planning gifts for lady employees, then you can invest in India handicraft sarees and more such clothes.

Handicraft Cap Boontoon

• The second type of corporate gift options for women employees that they would love to show-off is Indian handicraft jewelry options. If you can invest in this type of gift, then these gifts are going to be some of the unique gifts that they might have ever got.

Handmade Jewelry Boontoon

• The third type of Indian handicraft gift is pots as gifts. There are a number of places in India that create handmade pots with unique designs on them. Moreover, you can also buy such gifts at lesser rates. One of the best creators of Indian handicraft pots is Rajasthan.

Handmade Pots Boontoon

• The fourth Indian handicraft gift suggestion is brass gifts; they can be bowl, glasses and much such daily use of showcase things.

Brass Showpiece Boontoon

These are some of the best Indian handicraft gifts, which your employees would love to get and show-off.

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