Diwali or Deepawali is the New Year festival also conceived as the festival of lights. It is celebrated between mid-October and mid-November, lasts five days. It signifies the lights conquering over the darkness, the goodness over the evil and the knowledge over the ignorance, lights in resemblance of awareness and consciousness. Dipavali means “lights in a row”.

Each day has an activity that needs to be done, the first day is about deep cleaning in the house. The second day it’s about lighting candles and lamps (diyas) in the recently cleaned house. The third day, when the festivities begin, the family unites for praying to Goddess Lakshmi before the party and fireworks. What we are most interested in, is the fourth day where friends, recently engaged couples and families get together for exchanging gifts and best wishes. And the fifth day is for siblings to spend time together bonding and share exquisite meals. Here we will try to find for you, the most trending gifts for Diwali festivities in this 2019.

According to a few poles and studies about the most wanted Diwali gifts for friends, around a 30 percent of the persons feel interested in buying clothing, while others like mobiles and gadgets, and the rest settles with candles, crackers, decorations, golden coins, dried fruits, just to name a few.

But we aim to set the items into categories, in order to find out which are the most suitable Diwali gifts for friends:

Here in this category, we will be able to find the most recommended and elaborated Diwali gifts for friends including your loved ones and also for sending best wishes to premium clients.

  • Edible: Baskets of Dried fruit with chocolate and candies, gourmet baskets with bottles of cider and chocolate delights, dry fruits elegantly wrapped, box of roses and chocolates like a
    box of Ferrero Rocher, beautifully elaborates cakes, snacks like almonds, cookies, and candies, wrapped in bowls and bouquets.
edible diwali gifts
  • Diyas: These are the beautifully made oil lamps, which can be made of clay, wooden, acrylic, also made of noble metals like silver and steel or decorated with crystals, reusable for the environment-friendly or disposable. Choose a design according to the person. Comes in different colors and designs.
Diya for diwali
  • Plants and flowers: It is one of the good wishes and auspicious Diwali gifts for friends & loved ones. You can choose accordingly to the preferences of the person, frugal plant, something for decorating the desk, a fragrant plant set in clay or pottery, a little bonsai, maybe an orchid.
plant gift for diwali
  • Personalized gifts: Some gifts might need to be more personal and intimate; it depends on the type of relationship, printed mugs, cushions printed with photos, perfumes and creams set, watches with inscriptions, picture frames, some personalized aprons, some golden coins, firecrackers. 
Personalised Mug
  • Original presents: These are the presents that you usually give to someone you know deeply, with some funny significance or creative fascinating gifts to honor your loved ones. Some of this could be Beer mugs with funny shapes like baseball-shaped, pop up cards, coffee sipper cup made of the camera lens of funny shaped, incense burner of Ganesha or coffin ashtray, original keychain, ice molds with a unique shape, lightning holder shaped like a tower.
pop up card for diwali
  • Cooking utensils: Could be the best gifts for your woman. It could be a set of cooking spatulas, wooden, silicone, plastic or metal, batman shaped cookie molds or with bear motives, utensils with the name inscription in the handle, glass jars in a cow shape, glasses, wine glasses, silicone molds, bowl set.
german silver bowl
  • Toys: The soft toys are always popular for all ages for the sweetness and tenderness they invoke, like the teddy bear, and stuffed animals, soft dolls and Cushing. Soft toys are the ultimate romantic gift too, who said toys are just for the children? And can be a perfect gift for every occasion like birthdays, anniversary, thankful and much more. Come in different sizes and colors so it’s a whole world of possibilities.
stuffed animal
  • Electronics: Gadgets are often a welcomed gift, a technology it’s well-received and is one of the most bought presents, like latest editions of the cell phones, tablets, flat screens televisions, laptops, Blu rays, printers machine, digital portrait frames, among others, music boxes. Digital gadgets are so trending.
  • Clothing:  A few of the revised market studies revealed that this is the most bought type of item, to be given as Diwali gifts for friends; this could be for family and closes friends. Women blouses, dressing pants, sports pants, jogging suits, sports t-shirts, sports jackets, leather jackets, silk scarves, beautiful original handbag. Clothing always is a variety of choices; all you need is observe the personal tastes.
Clothing gift
  •  Home decorative gifts: these are a gift made to embellish the home spaces, ideal for women, as a portable coffee table, water fountains for the table, paintings, key hangers, teacups with the pot or a tray, and other furniture, clocks, is every occasion gift, suited as well for weddings.
decorative diwali gift
  • Jewelry: These kinds of gifts are perfect for the occasion, sometimes nothing says more that you care than exchanging jewelry. Some of the most classic jewels are turquoise earrings, opal necklace, golden rings, bracelets with crystals and gemstones. A dressing room or bedside clocks.
jewelry gifts
  • Hand- made gifts: This is a particular category which is the option to take when you don’t have much spending capacity but you mean to have attention. These gifts are totally or partially hand manufactured, like dyed t-shirts, hand- made cards, knitted scarf, table cloth or handkerchief, ceramic or clay furniture.
Hand knitted scarf

These are few of the possibilities for the trending gifts exchange for Diwali festive days.

  1. Pick the person you want to send the gift
  2. Adapt your favorite gift choices to the person’s character, taste, and personality
  3. Think what are you trying to convey, what is the purpose you want to achieve with your gift.

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