Weddings are as much an event for the guests as they are for the bride and groom. The drinks, the food, the tradition, the circumstances, and the aesthetics are something that the guests get to enjoy to the maximum. Despite it being the most important day for the couples, the gaiety and fun mostly revolve around the guests. Evidently, weddings in our nation take a tremendous amount of pride in geniality and hospitality. Along with all the accommodations, the exchange of return gifts is a well-established trend during weddings. It is a token of gratitude and appreciation for the time and jollity of the associated guests. This makes the gift-choosing process much more important in order to serve the diversity of friends, family, and extended guests.

At Boontoon, we make your job easier so that you can simply focus on other details of the event. We have luxurious, traditional, and exclusive return gift options to suit each palate and serve every guest. So without any delay, let’s look over a few of them.

Aesthetically Designed Jewellery Box by Lac Designer 

Summarising the traditional aspects of the event, this sumptuous designer box is perfect as an appreciation present for your guests. The fretted mirror embellishments replicate the everlasting traditional craft style, while the MDF wood indicates a modern take on its fabrication. This aesthetic box is completely hand painted by professional artisans, inside and out. The box comes in multiple shades of scarlet red and botanical green. The MDF wood makes it more durable than normal wood and adds all-weather compatibility. This makes it competent to store your precious pieces of jewelry, ornaments, and other trinkets.

Metal Keyholder with Meenakari Work

Continuing the traditional salutations, this attractive metal keyholder flaunts exquisite meenakari work throughout its broad borders. The craftwork exhibits a modish cyan colour along with florals of traditional hues. It can be used right out of the package thanks to the dedicated hangers on the back. Presented amidst the delicate artwork is a painting that represents a royal horde. As the name suggests, it is completely made out of metal. This keyholder as a return gift ensures that your guests will recall the moments from your wedding for a long time.

Elephant Embroidery Black Tote Bag with Multi-Color Elaborate Floral Detailing

What better gift is there than something that is beautiful and also has great utility? Fabricated with a hint of traditional galore and intricate embroidery on its front, this multipurpose tote bag ensures that all the precious moments can be relived. Highly skilled artisans come together to pursue the detailing and the elephant motif on this bag. In essence, the bag oozes a glance of precious and world-famous Rajasthani craftwork. It will be a great present for your guests as it offers durable usability on a daily basis.

Square-Shaped Gemstone Wooden Clock for Home Decor

something that could be a reminder of your auspicious night with each glance. This uniquely square-shaped clock flaunts gemstones in pastel and vibrant colors for a massive visual appeal. Within the frame of the clock, these gemstones are separated by equally sized squares. The wooden frame exhibits an abstract golden tint that accentuates the overall regality. A central square with the hands of the clock is placed on a white background, which makes it easy to read the time even from a distance. As printed on the face, the mechanism of the clock replicates the one in the timeless “quartz” watches. This splendid clock can be capped in two different variants depending on the gemstones one prefers. The battery compartment and time dial, as well as a wall mounting bracket, are located on the back.

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