In 10 Minutes, I’ll Unveil The Handicraft Of Rajasthan

The wide varieties of arts and crafts available in Rajasthan are breath-taking. Rajasthan, one of the most popular destinations in India offers different Handicraft Items that are one of its most famous and beautiful attractions.

Especially favoured by tourists, the bright crafts are great souvenirs and include garments, utilities, accessories and décor items. Here are some of the popular handicrafts of Rajasthan:

Handmade Jewellery

The most popular form is the meenakari which is enamelled silver and gold handmade jewellery pieces. The unique styles can be simple, chunky, elegant or ornate. Raja

sthan crafters are well experienced in the art of setting semi-precious stones such as amethyst and onyx in gold.

Patterned Textiles

Rajasthan also has colorful textiles that feature different types of patterns such as mothda and shikari. These result in Vibrant tie and dye fabrics and other patterned textiles that are meticulously printed using other traditional styles as well as intricately embroidered.

Carpets and Durries

In Rajasthan, Carpets with beautiful designs such as the woollen carpets of Jaipur are a must have item. With different shades and designs make for beautiful pieces.

Also, Rajasthan Quilts are soft, light and of high quality and are mainly found in Jaipur.


Famous handcrafted, the paintings here are miniature and folk paintings with bold lines, bright colors and a variety of themes. These paintings are an excellent way to brighten your house’s interior.


The blue pottery pieces which are made using ground quartz stones and use blue, green and white colors are some of the famous handicrafts worldwide. The pottery yield items such as ashtrays, lamp shades, vases, and tiles among others.


The marble crafts produce ivory carvings such as statues, furniture, wall hangings and sculptures among others. Other carvings are ivory carvings mainly crafted at Jaipur and which also produces ivory bangles. Artistic and decorative carvings from Rajasthan are also used in construction of important buildings and as decorative pieces for the house. Other carvings are done using sandalwood and result in stunning and fragrant pieces.

Wood Crafts

With most woodcraft places being located in Barmer and Jodhpur, they long ago supplied the royal court: palaces and havelis. These pieces feature intricate designs and are delicately made and carved from wood. The wooden handicraft includes wall clocks, wooden drawers, tables, magazine holders, tea coasters and key holders etc. Other woodenwork includes the embroidered leather furniture of Tilonia and the metal plated furniture of Patra. The furniture is also made of sandalwood and rosewood and adorned with paintings and embroidery for a more royal look. There are pieces that are in the shape of animals in Rajasthan too.

Leather Items

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The leather craft industry is another attraction in Rajasthan Handicraft. Items are made from leather and include shoes called booties with patterns and various designs embroidered on. The embroidery can be directly on the leather or done on velvet first which then covers the leather. Other leather items include hats, purses, bags as well as furniture. Leathercraft industry especially those that make the booties are located in Jodhpur and Jaipur.

Other crafts in Rajasthan include murals and puppets.


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