Be it for personal use or with the objective of gift, souvenir hunting as forever been an integral part when traveling. It is the human tendency that urges us to get souvenirs from a particular location that we can take back home for our-self or for the dear ones. India being one of the most dynamic retail industries in the planet, the country is famous as a paradise for the shoppers. Visiting India, one could collect a big range of Indian gift whether it be spiritual or tradition from the local marketers or from the religious tourism places in India that reflects the best of India. Or we can even say in simple words that visiting states of India, one could have a huge range of Indian gifts to pick from. If you are planning for holidaying in India are up for the top spiritual souvenirs from India, then in order to help you pick the best gifts for your family and friends I have crafted a list of Indian gifts that you must carry home from India.

Nataraja Statue

This is just when you need to take house from India that would support you remember the spirituality and culturally rich country. The Lord Shiva Nataraja Statue is considered to be a best piece for the home altar and perfect among the Indian gifts . The Idol of Nataraja dancing can be either used to worship or for just decorating the house. Other than this, it is also a famous sculptural symbol in country and popularity used as a symbol of Indian culture.

Natraja Statue


Puppetry is a very old art in India for storytelling and a perfect example of Indian gifts. The art of making Rajasthan puppets is maintained by Bhats. This community not just makes puppets but also do folkores with them. It is trusted that King Vikramaditya of Ujjain, who ruled in one century BC had 32  talking dolls in his court, thus it can be guessed that the art of making puppets is quite old in country. The unique Rajasthani puppets are made of soft wood, which is carved and then furnished with fabrics that have Rajasthan origin. The Puppeteers live in Ajmer, Bikaner, Nagaur, Jaipur, and Udaipur but wander all through Rajasthan performing and selling their dolls.

Rajasthan Puppets

Blue Pottery

Another well-known art from Rajasthan is that of Blue Pottery. Differing from the usual method of pottery, this art needs the combine of quartz stone powder, powdered glass and fullers earth. Blue pottery is perfect for house decoration; every little and huge item is a masterpiece in itself that includes a perfect flavor to your homes decoration. You can purchase pieces of pots, surahis, and cylindrical jars, decorative items like flower pots, tiles, ash-trays, beads, lamp stands, jugs, soap dishes, door knobs and mugs.

Blue pottery

Tribal Jewellery

Tribal jewellery from Jharkhand is unique as it is one of the major interests of the tribes and secondly the art is extraordinary and less known about. As much as the tribal people like creating jewellery they enjoy beautifying themselves with it too. The big jewellery would be earnings, neck pieces, and ornaments worn on the wrists and other parts of the arm. Bell-metal, brass, gold and silver are largely used to make jewellery by the tribes.

Tribal Jewellery

Luxurious Ayurevedic Products

Nothing speaks like Ayurveda. And, no shocks here, the world top Ayurevedic products are accessible in India.  My favourite gift, when it comes to Ayureveda, is Forest Essential Gift Pack or check individual products items at their local store. Have gifted it to several friends, many of them foreigners, and they all love it. And their gift wrapping with some wonderful fragrance includes to the appeal.

Luxurious Ayurevedic Products

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