Gifting is an integral part of our culture. The gesture of gifting is accompanied by the marking of almost every minor or major event throughout the year. Festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, house warmings, weddings, or even retirement parties—every little or big checkmark summons the act of gracious gifting. Just like deciding on an outfit for a gala, the thought process behind choosing a gift is meticulous and heart-driven. Now, when talking about return gifts at weddings, one can easily be intimidated. Return gifts, unlike regular gifts, can seem to hold more weight and expectations. This is because of the masses that are eventually going to receive them, unlike with regular gifts, where there are only one or two people on the receiving end. Regardless of the pressure, when done right, return gifts at weddings can work wonders, not just in their ability to express gratitude but also to make your events memorable in your guests’ lives.

The Importance of Return Gifts

Return gifts, regardless of their cost, are a visual testament to your appreciation and love for your guests. These can be family members, friends, or colleagues. They indicate that even on your best days, you hold those people close enough to your heart to think about them. Return gifts can easily help you resonate with that feeling and translate these sentiments of affection and dearness to your loved ones. You can easily recall the last gift that you received, and there is no doubt that it made you smile.

Now try to recall the last time you were at a party or a function and you were handed a token of appreciation as a return gift. It definitely lit up your mood and brought a smile to your face for a few moments (if not more). Not only does it make your actions and presence feel validated, but this simple act of gratitude makes you want to do the same. Since there are usually many people to address when talking about return gifts, it is rare that they turn out to be something fancy. Regardless of that, the spontaneity and unpredictable handouts of even the simplest gifts can liven the spirits with cheer and happiness.

Traditional Indication of Return Gifts

Gifting is culturally rooted in our tradition. There are several tales from ancient times about kings and authorities bestowing precious gifts to display their appreciation and gratitude. One can easily find strong names from the past who are still known for their gracious and giving qualities in life. This automatically validates the act of return gifting and makes it a much more intimate and personal form of expression.

During the festival season, the indication of the gifting culture can be easily noticed in modern times.The importance of gifts can be seen in the prior plans and approaches of families toward their loved ones. The deeply rooted culture of giving presents is also prudent in the form of festival bonuses and hampers. This notion proves that not only do gifts display a sense of love and admiration, but they also contribute to making strong bonds even stronger.

Choosing the Perfect Return Gift

One can easily find themselves in a confusing situation when searching for or contemplating return gift options. It is almost guaranteed. Coming up with a single gift that is intended to be personal and cherishable can alone be a task; adding numerous people into that category can easily make it chaotic. Despite the numbers, a gift that is thought of with a pinch of love, value, and consideration is destined to sway anyone. We at Boontoon believe that a gift or return gift should not only sweep the floor off of your guests but should also serve as a utility. This adds a certain personal feel to it, which is the key.

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