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Brass Handicrafts: How It Came Into Being?

The discovery of metal by human beings propelled progress and development in our society. The lives of human beings became a lot easier as a result. Metals proved to be beneficial for the production of tools and equipment that would facilitate the completion of impossible tasks. It also assisted in the production of wares, sculptures, and jewelry.

Different parts of the world are well popular for their brass crafts. India has racked up a reputation for itself as one of the world’s leading producer of brass handicraft items.

As a matter of fact, India is one of the largest manufacturers of brass and its related items. The items range from utility ware to handmade things that can be given as gifts on special occasions. More to this the metal is flexible enough to allow the artist to coin it to any preferred design.


An alloy of copper and zinc makes brass. By varying the proportion of both copper and zinc, we can make different varieties and qualities of brass handicrafts.

Brass is popular among craft makers because of the aesthetic quality that gives it a yellowish appearance similar to gold. Additionally, brass is an ideal metal for handicrafts production because it is resistant to tarnishing and is long-lasting.

Brass work can be time-consuming because masterful skill is necessary to produce a quality handicraft. The process of craft making begins by procuring cooled lumps of metal that are then flattened, bent, hammered, shaped and designed into various shapes and crafts.

For you to acquire the desired shape or design, the alloy has to be heated and hammered and curved into dissimilar designs while still hot.

This process requires careful control of the temperatures, which is attained via the use of small wood-fueled stoves. Utensils and wares then go for polishing with materials such as tamarind juice, wax, and sand, before being available to the market.


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