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Importance of Diwali in India

Diwali is also known as Deepavali, is one of the biggest celebrated festivals in India. Deepavali is a festival of lights - deep means "light" and avali "a row," or "a row of lights." Hence, "Deepavali" means "a row of lights". Every year, people around the world celebrate Diwali with a lot of enthusiasm and fanfare.

The festival of Lights indicates the triumph of good over evil and darkness over light. Diwali falls on Amavasya - the darkest day of the month of the Hindu Karthika Month. As the entire nation is dark without the moon, the lights of Diyas lit inside and outside the house light up the surroundings.

The preparation for the festival begins five days in advance. From cleaning the home to whitewashing, everyone gathers and adorn their offices, shops with flowers, earthen lamps (Diyas) and colorful lights.

The five-day celebration of Diwali begins from Dhanteras and is concluded with Bhai Dooj. On the third day, in the evening families perform Lakshmi-Ganesh Puja and distribute sweets among friends and relatives. People also do fireworks as an expression of respect to the heavens for the attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace, and prosperity.

Diwali is beyond the festival of lights, gambling, and fun. It is also the time to reflect on life and make changes for the upcoming year. With that, there are some customs that revellers hold dear each year.

It has believed the work which you do or start on the day of Dhanteras, bring fruitfulness. This is the reason entrepreneurs and businessman start their new venture on Diwali, also cheer their employees for their hard work and dedication by presenting corporate gifts.

The Expectation Of Employees While Receiving Gifts During Diwali

Giving corporate gifts on Diwali is a convention that goes back to hundreds of years. And, it is kept alive today too for the straightforward reason that it serves to spread bliss, express gratefulness and escalate unity. Occasions like Diwali give us a chance from our mundane calendars and allows us to motivate employees for their hard work. Diwali is an ideal time to throw a party for your employees and pamper them with gifts.

Do you know, presenting thoughtful Diwali corporate gifts to employees also strengthen a company-employee bond?

Beautiful corporate gifts allow employees to stay dedicated towards their work. Corporate gifts give them confidence and keep them motivated. The gifts ask them to use their skills and ideas to generate good sales for the company.

There is one thing which scares lots of companies is to decide which corporate gifts are best for their employees? Whosoever gift you choose but a Diwali corporate gifts should be valuable and unique, at the same time. For this, you must be knowing your employee's likes/dislikes? Suppose, you want to present Diwali gift to a female employee, then consider leather bags, accessories, household articles, desktop organiser and handicrafts items. And, if you want to present gift to the male employee then consider automobile miniature or gadgets.

How About Giving Personalised Gifts As Diwali Gifts To Employees?

Personalized gifts have their charm. And, when presented on Diwali as a corporate gift to employees they become more generous. Your employees must be happy to receive beautiful personalised gifts as Diwali Gifts.

The best suited personalised corporate gifts for a company are handcraft items, tote bags, stationery items like Notepad, Pen holder, laptop sleeves and refrigerator magnets etc. - with your company name or logo imprint on them. Personalized corporate Diwali gifts to employees is a successful way to keep the employees close to your company always even if they leave the company.

What Kind Of Gifts Can Give During Diwali?

From the Handicrafts items to showpieces, dry fruit box, chocolates to sweet boxes, luxury gifts to wall clocks, one company can present anything as per their budget to their employees and clients.

How Are Handicraft Ones Unique Than Regular Ones?

As we heard it many times, Giving gifts is an art, then why not gift something straight from artisans.

Yes, Indian handicraft items are the form of gifts that by default goes with every occasion. They offer high quality and more attention to details. They can take you back in the time, reflect the history and sometimes they also reflect the modern age. They are unique in themselves and shows the authenticity lies in you. It indicates you are attached to your roots and in love with your heritage. Handicraft items are your everytime saviour when you look for gifts online and are much better than regular ones.

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