Desk Organizer

Unique Desk Organizer For Home Or Office

People tend to leave things laying anywhere on the desk when they are under pressure and stressed out. Piles of papers and file folders end up stacked on their desk and imagine the mess if the files accidentally slip and fall off the desk. A disaster no one wants to deal with.

This is where desk organizers enter the scene on a seemingly miserable day and save the day. Desk organizers help arrange the clutter on one’s desk. They are very helpful as they keep things of various sizes arranged neatly. Because for every minute served in organizing, an hour is earned.

They have the function of organizing office supplies with a variety of sizes; they also come in a variety of shapes and colors. Some designs are minimalistic while others are the complete opposite. Desk organizers also minimize the space consumed by the office supplies that are on the desk.

Choosing the right desk organizer comes down to the amount of space and how much clutter needs organizing. There are different kinds of desk organizers:

  • -) Letter tray hold letter sized papers
  • -) File boxes are used to file away old paperwork and binders
  • -) Rectangular bins hold anything from spare pens to small notepads
  • -) Legal Trays hold legal-sized papers or regular sheets of copy paper
  • -) Pencil holders are used to holding pencils, pens, and anything else long and skinny
  • -) Drawer organizer organizes all of the items inside of a drawer for easy access
  • -) Tiered shelf houses any items without space, such as staplers, rolls of tape, or small electronics


We here at Boontoon manufacture high quality and effective handicraft desk organizers at nominal prices. We provide you with a wide range of handicraft accessories which are used for placing on the desks and we ensure that our products have been manufactured in a very attractive manner and they offer a high performance the customers. The Desk Organizer we offer helps in keeping the desk clean and clutter free. These products are high on demand in the market and are are very useful as well.


The organization isn’t about perfection, it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money, and improving your overall status of life. Our Rajasthan handmade desk organizers serve just the same function in your lives. And with their traditional look and elegant appearance, they enhance your aesthetic essence as well.

Handicraft desk organizers are beautiful and unique. Our talented and hardworking workers make this handicraft from wood, stones, hard cardboard and decorate them in really unique manner. Our handicraft desk organizers include Meenakari tea coaster sets, elephant painting, peacock painting meenakari pen stands, wooden magazine holders with brass work and much more.

All these items are made keeping in view the safety of the environment and do no harm to it. These can be recycled again and again and are durable as well.

Everything well arranged and organized on your table not only relaxes you, but it also saves half the burden of finding the important papers at the right time. It relieves your pain and gives you pleasure to see how things are nicely arranged in their spots without any mess.

Above all, these elegant Rajasthani handmade items, unless other items, gives your desk a traditional and decorative look, thus providing you with both mental and spiritual satisfaction.

You can use these handicraft desk organizers as a unique gift, out of the box, that can give a personal & traditional touch to your gift. You can also use these handicraft desk organizers as a corporate gift to a client, as a retirement gift to your employees and also as a return gifts to the loved ones.

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