Diwali Home Decoration

Antique Wooden Stone Studded Camel Showpiece
The antique wooden stone studded camel figuring for home decor is bewitchingly beautiful, and dazzles with all the embedded stones to make it a fine addition to any household.
Fiber Meditating Baby Monk
The affectionate nature of this meditative baby monk statue in fiber makes it ideal to attract buyers with different preferences
Stone embedded wooden wall clock
The stone embedded multicolor square shaped wooden wall clock is ideal for adding to the visual appeal of your home interior.
Male Musician Statue of Metal and Wood
The decorative metal & wood male musician statue playing instruments with antique embossed work is sure to add to the visual opulence of your home décor with its rich design and fine execution
Round Marble Kundan Meenakari Crafted Pen Stand Online
The color combination interspersed with dazzling meenakari beads adds to the beauty and grace of this cylindrical piece of art that looks extremely attractive handmade decorative item, irrespective of whether viewed at close angles or from distance.
Beautiful wooden tea Coaster
This aesthetically pleasing set of coaster set is very useful to cover any size mugs & cups. Keep the set on the table & strengthen the style quotient of your house
Wooden Meenakari Designed Swing from Rajasthan
Buy this product & decorate your house by using it as showpiece or for home temple. The rich meenakari work all over the body truly makes it gorgeous that will keep your eyes wide open.
Peacock Painted Meenakari Coaster Set (Pack of 6)
Buy this wooden Meenakari designed tea coaster from boontoon & gift it to your loved one. The design imprinted in the coaster worship the tradition of the meenakari art, which is famous all over the world!
Six compartment Gemstone Painted Wooden Trey
Serve the drinks to your guests in style with this multi compartment wooden trey. Hand made Painting on each compartment makes this tray a very beautiful product to buy & use.
Beautiful Hand Painted Dual Wall Hanger for Your Home
The fancy design & colourful painting combo makes this key hanger a must to buy product. You can hang keys or cloths & this hand embellished holder once procured, can enhance the décor of your home.
Marble Dibbi set
Colorful marble dibbi with a plate to decorate your living area

Buy Handmade This Diwali For Your Office Or Home Decoration

How Vital Is The Diwali Celebration In India?

Diwali is the most cherished festival across the world. Commonly known as the festival of lights. The name Deepavali got its origin from Sanskrit, meaning “Rows of Deep”. Every year it falls on the day of ‘Amavasya’ or new moon.

Diwali is a festival for all; it increases the love in people, build strong relationships and develop the unity in people. The festival of lights is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy, among Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. For Hindus, it is associated with the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya, after his 14 years of exile and victory over the demon Ravana. There is a tradition of lighting oil lamps on Diwali that symbolises the triumph of good over evil and freedom from spiritual darkness.

The celebration of Diwali, begins at the end of the cropping season and heralds prosperity and happiness, is often associated with wealth and happiness. On Diwali people welcome goddess Lakshmi by drawing Rangoli and Paduka (footsteps) on the entrance that would allure goddess Laxmi to visit one’s home and bring prosperity along with her. On the Diwali evening, people worship Goddess Lakshmi-Ganesh Ji idols and take blessings from old ones.

The Significance Of Cleaning & Decorating Homes On Diwali

The festival of Diwali starts with cleaning and decorating the houses. People paint their houses in bright colours and light earthen lamps (Diyas). Decorate doors, windows with colourful lights and beautiful flowers.

The tradition of painting and decorating the homes on Diwali is laid black. Doing this, make people happy and create positive environments in the society. People are following this tradition since ages, with the belief that the closeness of these lights turn away the darkness, which means the light of knowledge can overcome the profound sized ignorance.

The festival of lights- Diwali build brotherhood and unity among people. Also, hold great beliefs like the wine over good. That’s why Diwali is a famous festival in India and house decoration is the part of the celebration.

Articles For The Decoration Of Home During Diwali

Home decor is an integral part of the Diwali. Well-decorated homes bring the prosperity and also attracts good fortune. Though decorating homes on Diwali with lights is common, but there are other unique things which you use to enlighten your home decor.

Try having vibrant colour candles, dry flowers, showpiece and rangoli of Ganesha idols to change the look of the house. Along with these, the best traditional home decor items which you can have to enlighten the homes are the Handicraft Items. The must-have Diwali craft wooden showpieces, brass statues, clay pots, Rajasthani puppets sets, and German-Silver Glass sets.

People use not only Indian handicrafts items because they add a personal touch to homes but also have magical powers to enlighten home decor. Handicraft items are unique and a more traditional way to give home a new charming look.

How Handicraft Items Are Unique Than Regular Ones?

Indian Handicraft items offer high quality and more attention to the area. They may take you back in the time, reflect the history and sometimes they also reflect the modern age. They are stylish in themselves and shows the authenticity lies. Handicraft items are all the time saviour when we wish to enlighten our home decor or look for something out of the box to create a grand illusion.

Boontoon For Homemade Articles

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