Eid Gifts

Round Marble Kundan Meenakari Crafted Pen Stand Online
The color combination interspersed with dazzling meenakari beads adds to the beauty and grace of this cylindrical piece of art that looks extremely attractive handmade decorative item, irrespective of whether viewed at close angles or from distance.
Pearl and kundan set
The chain of the necklaces is created by white kundan beads and also the earrings even have constant inverted flower arrangement style that is wonderful.
Red, green kundan bangles
Available solely in an exceedingly single normal size, the bangles are designed from base metal of brass that has been lined with a layer of small gold plating.
Pearl hanging Necklace
The attractive jewelry set with matching earrings is meant to dazzle onlookers with its sheer beauty and style. The overall impact of this intelligent combination is trendy and swish.
Peacock shaped earrings
The main attraction of this try of glorious designer earrings square measure the peacock shapes that kind the hanging with red teardrop hangings at the bottom square measure majestic.
White Meena ball necklace
The balls that from the string of this jewelry set are superbly embellished with swish minakari work.
Navaratan hanging balls necklace
This designer jewelry set options gold plated brass metal balls adorned with lovely and colourful stones. The planning offers the looks of the metal having been overlaid on the gathering of various coloured stones to offer the form of a ball.
Micro gold plated bangles
The metal base has then been embellished with dazzling white CZ stones set in an exceedingly single chain formation. The bangles area unit obtainable within the sizes of two.4, 2.6 and 2.8.
Contemporary designer bangles
The connecting purpose has been designed within the sort of a diamond form decorated with dazzling white AD stones.
Unique wavy bangles
Adding to the sweetness of the combine area unit the splendid red and inexperienced CZ stones that dot the circumference.
Edge multi-layered bangles
The extraordinarily slim girth of the bangle is overlaid with frameworks designed from an equivalent metal at intervals that area unit arranged glittery stones of ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, coral and pearls.
6 lined kundan bangles
This combine of six line kundan bangles provides a satisfying look to your arms in terms of accessories embellished with stunning white kundan stones placed on a gold plated brass metal frame.
Blue pair of bangles
This plain and straightforward blue bangle has been crafted into a novel and exquisite piece of jewelry with the assistance of the attractive decoration of gold plated brass metal adorned with glistering stones at its head.
Youthful pair of bangles
This combine of bangles incorporates a immature look and attractiveness that instantly wins the guts of any lady.
Green ad adorable bangles
Featuring a very straightforward style, the most highlight of this combine of lovable bangles is that the inexperienced AD stone work, another identifying facet of the bangles is that the mesh like aspect pattern.
Floral pattern bangles
The petals of floral style square measure adorned with sensible red rubies that augment the grace of the bangles, that square measure obtainable in 3 sizes.
Peacock based bangle
This attractive peacock bangle is meant with utmost preciseness and nice accomplishment.
Gold plated green earrings
The brilliance of the gold plated brass metal has been fantastically complimented by the inexperienced stone centrepiece and exquisite white stone work Adding to the wonder of this piece of jewelry square measure the red teardrop hangings connected to the
Designer earrings peacock shaped
Adding to the mesmeric look of the piece of ear jewellery square measure the red teardrop hangings connected to the bottom of studs.
Peacock arted earrings
The dazzle of blue stones makes the peacocks come back to life whereas the glitter of white stones forming their tail still because the pink teardrop hanging boost overall beauty.
Gold plated earrings
The small gold plated base metal of brass has been effectively employed in the forefront and its beauty is additional increased by the sprinkling of white stone and bead work and also the pearl hanging hooked up to the top of the earrings.
Pearl earrings
To complete the creative look, the earrings are supplied with pearl teardrop hangings hooked up to the bottom of the jhumkis.
Triple tiered earrings
The contrastive red hangings that square measure hooked up at the bottom of the center tier designed like a sublime flower complement the general beauty and style of this jewelry piece.
Emerald jhumki
The beautiful try of earrings adorned with Associate in Nursing emerald centerpiece and emerald teardrop hangings at the top provides a royal look and attractiveness.
Traditional jhumki
The jhumkis are fantastically adorned with scintillate Kundan beads of various colours and shapes and conjointly feature a string of very little red rounded beads hanging at the top.
Gem studded earrings
The elongated flower style is highlighted with the assistance of the red central piece whereas the red teardrop hangings boost the fashion quotient.
Green stoned earrings
Adding to the class of the try square measure the little red rounded beads that adorn the highest of the teardrop formed hangings placed at the top.
Green hanging stone in kundan set
The set is ideal for carrying on special occasions or for everyday use and might even be used as a present for a stunning girl.
Green necklace with rosed stones
The ornate style of the pendent crafted from white kundan stones and that includes a dark inexperienced teardrop hanging at its finish is really glorious.
Rajput Princess Bani Thani Wooden Gemstone Jewellery Box
The image of the lady on top of this wooden craft jewellery box is an excellent illustration of what it has to be compelled to contain. of the lady on prime of this jewellery box is that the excellent illustration of what it has to be compelled to contain.
Multicoloured Gem stone Key holder
Adorned with gemstone painting & made from the durable wood, this key hanger looks cordial enough to make your home stylish. Hang the keys of your house at one place by using this.
Peacock Painted Meenakari Coaster Set (Pack of 6)
Buy this wooden Meenakari designed tea coaster from boontoon & gift it to your loved one. The design imprinted in the coaster worship the tradition of the meenakari art, which is famous all over the world!
Wooden Box with 6 Compartments and Transparent Lid
This trapezoidal shaped wooden dry fruit box will captivate everyone by its look and finishing. Simple yet outrageously gorgeous, this box might be the desire for anyone who is fond of home decoration.
Marble Dibbi set
Colorful marble dibbi with a plate to decorate your living area

Gifts For Eid Mubarak

Boontoon is the place where you can get Indian handmade and traditional Eid gifts online to send to your husband/wife or loved ones.

Eidi (Eid gift) is the essential part of Eid. Eidi is what makes eid so special and exciting. Eid is any day of get-together. It is gotten from `Aada (which means returned) because individuals come back to it occasionally. A few researchers say that it gets from `Aadah (custom or practice) since individuals are acclimated to praising it. Its plural is A`yad. Ibnul-`Arabi stated:

"It is called Eid because it restores each year with reestablished satisfaction." Ibn `Aabidayn stated: Eid days are therefore named on the grounds that Allah recharges his bounties in them, and he disseminates his endowments to his admirers. Along these lines on Eidul-Fitr, he allows them to eat in the wake of having been controlled from sustenance; and he requires paying sadaqa-tul-fitr (the philanthropy of breaking the quick) to the poor. "Also, on Eidul-Adha, he allows the fruition of Hajj (journey) with the last tawaf (circling al-Ka`bah); and he requires offering penances and conveying their meat, and so forth. "Likewise, it is standard for individuals to be upbeat, cheerful, and to celebrating amid the Eid days."

The significance can be discerned by the fact that Unas (ra) announced that when the Prophet Muhammad (saw) moved from Makkah to Madinah, the general population of Madinah used to have two celebrations. On those two days, they had jubilees and party. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) asked the Ansar (the Muslims of Madinah) about it. They answered that before Islam they used to have jamborees on those two blissful days. The Prophet Muhammad (saw) let them know: 'Rather than those two days, Allah has delegated two different days which are better, the times of Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha.' (Hadith)

EID-AL-FITR is commended on the principal day of Shaw'waal, toward the finishing of Ramadan. Shaw'waal is the tenth month of the Islamic date-book. The Eid-al-Fitr is an extremely happy day; it is a genuine Thanks giving Day for the trusting men and ladies. On this day Muslims demonstrate their genuine satisfaction for the wellbeing, quality and the chances of life, which Allah has given to them to satisfy their commitment of fasting and other great deeds amid the favoured month of Ramadan. EID-AL-ADHA is praised on the tenth day of Thul hijjah, the twelfth and the most recent month of the Islamic timetable. It is additionally extremely glad day; it is a devouring of selflessness, responsibility and submission to Allah. It honours the colossal demonstration of dutifulness to Allah by the Prophet Ibrahim (as) in demonstrating his eagerness to relinquish his child Ismael (as). Allah acknowledged his relinquish and supplanted Prophet Ismael (as) with a sheep. In spite of the fact that Hajj has no connection with the Eid-al-Adha, yet the five days in length ceremonies of Hajj are likewise done amid this month coming full circle on ninth of Zdilhijjah. Numerous customs of Hajj are the establishment of the battle of the family Ibrahim (as) exceptionally his second spouse Hajirah (as) and her child Prophet Ismael (as).

To celebrate this pure and spiritual celebration in its true essence, we at Boontoon provide classical Eid gifts Online. You may be residing in India or abroad; we have items that will enhance your love to manifolds. You can choose from meenakari purses to tea coasters, traditional watches and containers, jewellery boxes with embedded stones.

Our traditional Online Handicrafts hold great value worldwide. Hand made gifts take the most effort and pain. When you put your time and efforts in making a gift, it is always viewed with love and appreciation. We have varieties of hand made crafts made from materials like marble, wooden, wooden gemstone, wooden kundan, german silver, meenakari, oxidised, gemstone, brass, metal etc. India is a place where there is assorted societies and ethnicity. The workmanship and specialties are a fundamental piece of lives of India. The craftsman of India are honored with a rich social legacy that reflects in their painstaking work. Each Indian Handicraft has enchanted and without a doubt marvel. The Indian Handicrafts are all inclusive popular for their one of a kind, perplexing and expressive appeal.

Do you want to be able to provide the warmest of the gifts but you do not have the time to spare? Boontoon Online Eid gifts for Indian guests are here to help! Choose from our exclusive collection having all kinds of items that can be given as eidi.. If you are living abroad and your heart is yearning to send Eidi love to India, Boontoon is the right place for you.

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