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  • Are Gifts Taxable in India?

    Are Gifts taxable in India Gift tax rules in India is quite elaborate and people sending or receiving gifts need to be conversant with it to avoid paying penalties. The rule is quite clear on the fact of the gift tax rate, which does not charge anything up to the limit of Rs. 50,000 on an annual basis. However, if a person receives gift in cash or kind in a year exceeding the upper limit, then they have to pay the tax on gift for the entire amount and not just the amount exceeding the upper limit. The entire amount adds up to the total income of that person and become payable according to the relevant income tax slab.

  • Are Wedding Souvenirs Still a Thing? A Glimpse About Souvenirs.

    Wedding souvenirs are a perfect choice for you because they provide ways to entertain them with unique styles and designs. BOONTOON is a leading supplier of wedding souvenirs in India which offer a wide range of products. We help you find the gifts which exactly fit for your wedding event. If you are searching for high-quality souvenirs for your wedding guests then, our shop is the right destination for you that makes your event a special one. Our shop provides ways to find gifts which perfectly suit your guests. ...more
  • Are You Compromising With Quality Of German Silver Gifts Buying Low Quality, Just To Save Your Few Money?

    Gifts should be memorable and celebrate people who get gifts. And if you want to present someone with a unique thing, then why not German Silver? But the catch with that is finding high quality German silver items, which is a complicated process.