20 Best Ways To Surprise Her

    Few things make her feel more special than a well thought out surprise. I’m not sure why a gift is better when it comes as a surprise rather than something expected, but over the years I’ve discovered the response is definitely different.

    Depending on what your beloved enjoys, you’ll want to come up with your own surprises. But here are few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

    1. Send flowers or a gift for her to work: It will always be special to receive surprisingly either flowers or gifts from the one you love. Catch her when she least expect from you. This will make her more touched by what you just did for her.
    2. Plan an outing without telling her where you’re going: Plan for an outing where your special person always desired to go. These kind of outings always comes out with super exciting memorable things which cherishes for a life time. Spending memorable times are always welcome to get closer by each other.
    3. Show up at work: Sometimes if possible then instead of getting her delivered something, bring yourself in front of her surprisingly to get her amused. This will get an immense pleasure to the one you showed up at work and will be bliss for an entire day in the office.
    4. Dedicate a song on the radio for her: Quite an old thing but then she never even expects this one. This will for sure require some planning, but another best way to make your special one blush by dedicating a song. This is another romantic way to express about your love. Song is a special way of conveying your love in which the lyrics directly touches your heart.
    5. Tuck a love note in lunch box: After all the tiring work in the office, when your special one will go to have lunch and will find the love note, preferably the mood will swing automatically and since there on the love is in the air. Eternal happiness and love will flow on and whole day he/she will keep blushing mesmerizing the love note.
    6. Dine under the full moon: Pick a date when there is a full moon and set your dinner under the full moon to get into romantic mood in the beautiful moonlight. Candlelight dinner is always seems to be romantic, and will surely turns your beloved into the most romantic mood.
    7. Text a lovey-dovey message: Compliment her via text message about her beauty, how much you love or anything she is best in. Getting a message during the work gets you around your beloved and makes you feel the most special person of her life.
    8. Get along with your loved one at her favorite place: Surprise your loved one by taking her on their desired place, where you both could spend some time with each other.
    9. Lighten up: Life’s stress can really take a toll on a relationship, and sometimes we forget to laugh. Flirt with your wife/girlfriend. Tell stupid jokes. Reminisce about funny things that happened in the past to get your loved one in the lighter and brighter mood.
    10. Cook for her: Take the time out, and get prepared with all her choice of food she loves to have. This will take her out of all the weight and tensions and will lead her to a happy mood.
    11. Do something unexpected: Stop by the grocery store and pick up your loved ones favorite treat. Book a weekend away together.
    12. Spring Nap: Take your special one to the park during the day of a spring break, and let her have a nap. Making your loved one sleep on your laps for a short nap is something extra-ordinary. This situation brings you in the moment of best romantic situation you both you could ever be.
    13. Gift a beautiful dress: Give your lady love a beautiful dress and ask her to wear it in the evening. And later in the evening take her on a surprise dinner. Woman can always get carried away by getting beautiful attires. These gifts make them tremendously happy and fall for their beloved again and again.
    14. Make her feel special by doing things of their choices: The best thing one could do to impress her loved one just by showing interest in their particular hobbies and welcomes them to get along in that lovingly.
    15. Send her for an amusing Spa: Book her a session at a luxurious spa and better still, join her. She will not only enjoy the spa session, but will be happy that you came along with her.
    16. Gift her an afternoon in the beauty salon: Offer to take care of the kids and let your wife pamper herself at the salon. She’ll come back glowing not only because of the recent facial, but also out of appreciation at your gesture.
    17. Join salsa for her: Join a salsa class for couples. Your wife will be glad of the intimacy of the dance and having the chance to do something fun together.
    18. Make a bowl of popcorn: Make a bowl of popcorn, when your wife settles down for her favorite TV show or movie. Surprise her with your thoughtfulness.
    19. Expensive Girl Things: Surprise your wife with a really expensive gift, like a Cartier solitaire or a Gucci handbag. Watch the sparkle in her eyes and hang the expense.
    20. Recreate your first date: Take your wife out in exactly the same way as you had done on your first date. The romantic gesture will be sure to make her giddy with love and happiness all over again.