What Is German Silver & Why Is It Called "German"?

    There are billions of silver products in the market with different names, composition and texture which makes it absolutely difficult to choose the best out of all. An example is the German silver.

    The German silver has long been in existence as it could be traced back to as far back as early 18th century. This Silver was developed in Germany by the German metal workers in imitation of the Chinese alloys to be used as a substitute for silver since silver is highly expensive.

    The German silver is also known as the Nickel silver. These terms “German silver” and “Nickel silver” could be used interchangeably. It is silver -white alloy of Copper, Zinc and Nickel. The German silver does not contain any trace of silver.


    The German silver is composed of three major elements Copper, Zinc and Nickel and sometimes with a trace of Tin and Lead.

    These elements varies in percentage with a range of Copper from approximately 50% - 61.6%, Zinc with an approximate range of 17.2& - 19% and Nickel with an approximate range of 21.1% - 30%. Theses compositions are always specified when it comes to commercial alloys.

    How To Identify A German Silver Amongst Other Silver Products

    Though they all look alike with little or no difference in their physical appearance, but there are a few ways you can distinguish a German silver from other Silvers. The German silver is:

    • -) Very Hard
    • -) Very light in weight
    • -) It highly resistant to electricity
    • -) It has a totally different reaction with acid compared to other silver products

    Characteristics Of The German Silver

    • -) It's of economic importance because it is less expensive
    • -) It is hard
    • -) It is tough
    • -) It is resistance to corrosion
    • -) It is tough
    • -) It is malleable
    • -) It is ductile
    • -) Most importantly, it doesn’t tarnish. This is because it has no silver content.

    Uses of German Silver

    Just like other silver products, the German silver can be widely used in different perspective such as:

    • -) For gift items. This serves as a best source of gift item because they have the ability to last for a very long time. Examples of german silver gifts are spoon, set of glasses, designed plates etc.
    • -) It could be used in heating coils because of its electrical resistant nature
    • -) German silver is used in making tableware such as trays, plumbing fittings, marine fitting etc.
    • -) It is used for making base metal for silver – plated cutleries
    • -) It is used for making zippers, costume jewelries and other good quality keys
    • -) Also for making musical instrument and a lot more.

    Why It Is Called "German"

    The name “German silver” has long existed as it got its name from origin. The German Silver was named after Malliot and Chorier who discovered it in France Circa in 1820. The main reason why it was called German silver is because of its Silver – white color. Although the term “silver” has been long prohibited for metals not contains these alloys.

    Just like every other silver coated items, the German silver is also a nice product to try. It lasts for a long period of time without losing it original nature and above all could be gotten at a very low cost. It is a very good item to gift to your friends and family. Rock it today.

    Further Special German silver items are some of the most elaborately fabricated and beautiful items that are also functional and this make them popular items among those who shop Indian handicrafts, they are considered luxury gifts and hence when gifted either as normal gifts or as return gifts for wedding, anniversary, baby shower, house warming and birthday parties, they make for a perfect, personable, decorative and practical gift.

    The allure of antique items is normally due to the antique design pattern that looks quaint and takes you away from the cliché modern design. These hold true for antique German silver items too as well as these items feature a great ornamental design and hence are great decorative functional gifts for your loved ones.

    • German Silver Wine Glasses
      German Silver Wine GlassAny wine lover is sure to admire the elegant German silver wine glasses that add a bit of edge to your wine tasting and drinking sessions and occasions. They are useful and awe-inspiring when brought out for special occasions and on top of this, make a great gift item.

    • German Silver Pooja Thali
      German Silver Pooja ThaliA German silver pooja thali set usually comprises of bowls, kankavati, takori, an incense stand, a diya stand and a little loti with spoon. This set is greatly useful when decorating Puja materials for Hindu religious functions, rituals and festivals. It is therefore a great gift to any Indian as it gets them in a reverent mood for these occasions.

    • German Silver Bowl Sets
      German Silver Bowl SetsEating out of a beautiful bowl can greatly transform your eating session allowing you to savor the food and taste it without a hurry. A great gift item to any ice cream or soup lover, German bowl sets add to the aesthetic nature of your dining room and keep you motivated to enjoy your food!

    • German Silver Glass Sets
      German Silver Glass SetsGerman silver glass sets are an impressive, useful and decorative addition to your dining ware and can include bowls, plates, trays, glasses and other dining items to transform your dining environment.