Gifts For Sister

The combination of red and white kundan beads set in a much outlined pattern beside the red teardrop hanging adorned with little inexperienced beads at the highest, enhance their grace.
The brilliance of the gold plated brass metal has been fantastically complimented by the inexperienced stone centrepiece and exquisite white stone work Adding to the wonder of this piece of jewelry square measure the red teardrop hangings connected to the
Minakari bangles
In the 1st look this surprisingly lovely designer bangle looks like it's been crafted for a royal woman, adds to the bangle’s glistering look.
The sensible color the exquisite style and therefore the glistering masonry, all mix to makes this bangle a sublime piece of jewelry for girls of substance. However, the awful bangle is accessible solely in a very single commonplace size.
This finely styled kundan ring options a floral design crafted on a base metal of gold plated brass and adorned with white kundan stones of various shapes and sizes during a circular flower pattern.