Gifts For Wife

Thewa pendant set with emerald hanging balls
The gold plated brass metal chain of this exquisite jewelry is employed to hold an outsized oval formed pendant is fretted with convoluted metal carving and adorned with good white stones and dazzling inexperienced beads hanging at the bottom.
Pearl and kundan set
The chain of the necklaces is created by white kundan beads and also the earrings even have constant inverted flower arrangement style that is wonderful.
Double chain necklace
Adding to the class of the set square measure the magnificently designed pendant and earrings having a red heart formed central bead and teardrop hanging.
Designer kundan set
The double strings of white kundan beads and also the flower formed kundan pendant with a red teardrop hanging square measure undoubtedly the highlights of this fantastically designed jewellery.
Kundan heavy earrings
Set on a thinly gold plated brass metal the scintillant white stones that surround the central emerald boost their grace whereas the teardrop formed metal embedded stone hangings enhance the fashion issue.
Traditional jhumki
The jhumkis are fantastically adorned with scintillate Kundan beads of various colours and shapes and conjointly feature a string of very little red rounded beads hanging at the top.
Long embeleshed earrings
The combination of semi-precious stones of variable colours boost the class and charm of the earrings that's bound to create heads flip your manner.
Rajasthani jhumki
These jhumki vogue polki earrings attract onlookers with its colorful and scintillate style that gives a young look to the user.
Brassed designer earrings
Adding beauty to the knotty metal style square measure the glorious white and black semi-precious stones that adorn the earrings. Vogue comes very easy with this piece of jewelry.
Contemporary bali
The mesh kind style of the earrings is reticulated with red kundan beads of variable shapes and sizes to urge the mesmeric look that's bound to create each head flip.
White & red stone embeded earrings
The elegant combination of white and red stone work is what makes this try of earrings really fashionable and stylish. Though the stones are set in a very straightforward style, the general impact they produce is really mesmeric, A real treat for eyes!
Glittering brassed bangles
Atop the bottom square measure placed multiple layers of stones with reminder red and inexperienced and interspersed with creative patterns made from identical metal from that the bottom has been crafted.
Lively multicolour bangles
The base of the bangles has been molded from gold plated brass metal that has been bedded by curved frames of same metal containing little ruby and emerald stones set in a very triangular formation.
Multilayered gold plated brass bangles
The inexperienced and red shade of the bottom adds to the attractive look of the bangles that square measure obtainable in 3 totally different sizes for females.
White ad stone studded bangles
Enhancing the sweetness of this bangle set area unit the pink CZ stones that are placed strategically round the circumference of bangles. Good ancient option to have!
Kundan studded bangles
The inexperienced shaded stones area unit organized on the highest circumference of the bangle during a definite pattern of one circular stone followed by four teardrop formed stones.
Polki stones studded green & white bangles
The broad girth at the center of the bangle usually tapers into the slender edges at the same time as the whole circumference of the bangle has been superbly embellished with inexperienced and white polki stones.
Ilu black chocolate box
This heart shaped black chocolate gift box is just the perfect way to announce your love to not only your beloved but to everyone near her.
Sweetheart red chocolate box
This chocolate gift box also holds the surprise of 11 smooth and silky heart shaped chocolates for your beloved. A delight for sure!
Chocolate blue basket with twin teddy
Crafted in a blue color theme, the chocolate flower and love bird just enhance the feeling of romance and togetherness generated by the 14 small and 1 big heart shaped chocolates packed in the basket.
Pink chocolate pouch
The depth of your feelings would be evident to your beloved the moment they set their eyes on this cute pouch.
Chocolate rose with big heart
what makes this chocolate gift box truly special is the abundance of treat of love named chocolates in the form of 10 small and 1 big heart shaped chocolates.
Multicolor triple layered anklet
Featuring 3 lines of dazzling white stones in horizontal rows, this combine of anklets is formed to seem even a lot of swish with the last row of vari coloured stones that provides it a designer look.
Kundan crafted traditional rings
The centre piece is created by an outsized teardrop formed white kundan stone around that area unit placed alternative smaller teardrop formed similar stones with their tips inform inwards.
White kundan studded ring
This finely styled kundan ring options a floral design crafted on a base metal of gold plated brass and adorned with white kundan stones of various shapes and sizes during a circular flower pattern.
Designer hanging Earrings
The creative construction style and delicate placement of beads of numerous colors beside the inexperienced teardrop hangings at the bottom provide them a really distinctive and appealing look.
Double layered bangles
The use of colorful CZ stones to brighten the highest of the higher wavy frame adds to the enticing look and charm of bangles.
Crafted bangles
This combine of designer bangles options exquisite patterns crafted from small gold plated brass metal and embellished superbly with the shining stones of ruby, emerald and pearls.
Edge multi-layered bangles
The extraordinarily slim girth of the bangle is overlaid with frameworks designed from an equivalent metal at intervals that area unit arranged glittery stones of ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, coral and pearls.
Bangles with radiance
This piebald designer bangle is bound to produce a immature and spirited attractiveness to your temperament, created from small gold plated brass metal.
White studded bangles
The glorious style interspersed with elegant stone and pearl work ads to the grace of white color that's outstanding feature of this bangle sliced for royalty.
Red & green exquisite bangles
The dense plotting of miniature white and different colored stones close to the pinnacle of the bangle is complimented fantastically by the sprinkling of slightly larger white stones across the circumference.
Bangle exhibits peacock
The blue and white shimmering stones compliment the attractive patterns sliced on the remaining circumference of the bangle molded from gold plated brass metal.
Gold plated twisted bangles
The creative minakari work has been interspersed with glistering white beads that enhance the beauty and appearance of the bangle that is accessible in a very single commonplace size.
Minakari bangles
In the 1st look this surprisingly lovely designer bangle looks like it's been crafted for a royal woman, adds to the bangle’s glistering look.
Contemporary design bangles
This elegant combine of bangles options an easy and up to date style, square measure obtainable in sizes of two.4, 2.6 and 2.8.
Pearl placed bangles
The first issue that draws viewers to the current unambiguously designed bangle is that the 2 monumental pearls placed at its head.
Eye shaped moulded bangles
The red base additional accentuates the lovable style of the bangle, which is accessible solely in a very single commonplace size, Actually price buying!
Mesh adorned ad bangles
The distinctive mesh kind style of this elegantly designed combine of bangles is adorned with AD stone work.
Red & white stoned bangles
This combine of extraordinarily skinny designer bangles has been fantastically adorned with red and white Ad stones to gift a mesmeric look.
Gold plated green earrings
The brilliance of the gold plated brass metal has been fantastically complimented by the inexperienced stone centrepiece and exquisite white stone work Adding to the wonder of this piece of jewelry square measure the red teardrop hangings connected to the
Metal base floral earrings
This subtly enticing combine of earrings options a floral style attack the bottom metal of brass having small gold plating.
Multi-coloured teadrop hanging earrings
The infinite stones and beads of variable colors, shapes and sizes that adorn this try of earrings boost its majestic beauty and elegance. Finishing the spirited look, square measure the pink teardrop hangings.
Studded colourful pair of earrings
The studs square measure fantastically adorned with inexperienced white red and pink stones beside little pearls in a very triangular crown like formation and having atiny low pearl hanging.
Ruby studded earrings
The contrastive colors of red ruby and inexperienced emeralds that adorn this glorious try of earrings provide it a mesmeric and royal look.
Ethnic earrings
The try of fashionable kundan earrings supporting Associate in Nursing ethnic style may be a positive winner. This distinctive jewellery is ideal for private use still as for gifting functions.
Turquoise earrings
The simple style of those turquoise earrings adds to their beauty and charm. Use it for everyday wear or dazzle everybody with these elegant earrings on a big day.
White beaded on green earrings
The higher a part of these kundan earrings consisting of white beads on an inexperienced shaded background has been assault a brass metal base with small gold plating.
Emerald jhumki
The beautiful try of earrings adorned with Associate in Nursing emerald centerpiece and emerald teardrop hangings at the top provides a royal look and attractiveness.
Designer earrings
The higher a part of the earrings is circular in form and fantastically adorned with varicolored kundan beads. The lower half options a crown with triple chains with red metal embedded beads.
Round shaped designer earrings
This try of fashion earrings is intended for party wear functions and adorned with stunning white kundan beads set and find the pinnacle turns!
Gem studded earrings
The elongated flower style is highlighted with the assistance of the red central piece whereas the red teardrop hangings boost the fashion quotient.
Trendy designer earrings
This unify fashion earrings mesmerizes onlookers with the sheer great thing about its construction style.
Long designer earrings
The combination of red and white kundan beads set in a much outlined pattern beside the red teardrop hanging adorned with little inexperienced beads at the highest, enhance their grace.
Green hanging stone in kundan set
The set is ideal for carrying on special occasions or for everyday use and might even be used as a present for a stunning girl.
Green necklace with rosed stones
The ornate style of the pendent crafted from white kundan stones and that includes a dark inexperienced teardrop hanging at its finish is really glorious.
Red colour kundan pendant set
This lovely kundan jewellery and earrings set is created from small film gold plated brass. The earrings square measure designed exactly to suit the pendant.
Golden flower chocolates
If you want to decorate your valentine gift with something that will symbolize the purity and priceless value of your love, then this golden flower is definitely the right choice.
Amazing Chocolate cards
This set of four adorable chocolate cards is the best way to send the message of your love.
Love bar chocolate with big heart
To add to the value of the gift, there are 10 small and 1 big shaped chocolates along with 1 dark chocolate bar for the couples to enjoy their love and togetherness.
Chocolates with lid teddy basket
Hidden below the lid are 21 small heart shaped chocolates and a big brown ILU bar, making it a great gift for valentine day.
Chocolates in cavity red box
Whether you present it as a single gift, or in combination with another, it is sure to help you win the heart of your beloved, especially if your relationship is not too old.
50 heart shaped chocolates
The 50 small heart shaped chocolates are topped by a big ILU bar, with the entire contents beautifully placed inside a circular basket held by a cute teddy.
Teddy's warmth wrapped chocolates
This chocolate gift hamper is simply adorable with the face of the teddy just above the circular basket which seems to be held by the teddy’s extended arms.
Wire chocolate basket
The big brown heart shaped chocolate along with the 16 small heart shaped chocolates in red wrappings adds to its attraction.
Red cane chocolate pouch
Rather the entire package represents a piece of great artwork that makes it an ideal gift for any occasion or even for home use.