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Golden Night Gifts

Best Wedding Night Gifts Online

The golden night also know as “Suhag Raat” in India is perhaps the most important and most dreamed of the day for a couple, is the first night after the consummation of marriage. It is not just two virgins fulfilling their needs together. Instead, it is the beginning of the connection that will determine their future relationship. No matter what religion or what part of the world, this night has same meanings and sanctity.

Though the world is changing and there is no more a concept of virginity till marriage especially in the west but in India marriage is the green signal. So it has huge importance for the couple. And the flowers and the decoration of the bedroom makes it more romantic and memorable.

It is said that “well begun is half done”. Same is with marriage and as the beginning of a new life together this first night has to be perfect. Boys generally but girls especially dream of this night since their childhood. So this night has to be perfect. But is fulfilling the needs is the whole purpose of the night? Definitely no.

It is the moment of connecting with your life partner. It is very important to understand your partner and make him or her comfortable with you for the rest of your life. It is especially hard for a female partner since she had to leave her house and be alone with a strange person for the first time. So it is important to erase her negative thoughts and insecurities. Because she is a person with emotions too and she has been dreaming about this night to be perfect too, perhaps even longer than you. So avoid rushing and take some moments to understand each other.

It is not only a ritual but also is sweet to present your partner with a valuable and memorable gift on the first night to win their heart and produce love and respect in their hearts as well. In love marriage, it is even more important to present a gift to your partner because you already have high hopes for this night.

It is must for a groom to present something when he removes the veil of the bride also known as “Mu Dikhai” for the first time which is waiting for her sitting on the bed. The gift has to be worthy enough to show his love and gratitude to the woman who is going to organize not only his house but her life too. It has to be memorable and valuable because she has left her home, her parents and her whole world for you.

The first-night gifts usually presented by grooms to their brides include beautiful gold jewellery sets, designer dresses, trip tickets, makeup sets etc.

Though it is not necessary for a bride to give a present to her groom as she has given her own self to him as a whole and has left her whole world just for him; but it is a good gesture. And it develops love and respect in his heart even more to present gift to her husband on the wedding night.

First-night gifts for husbands are the items which they can keep with them all the time like a watch, mobile phone, wallet, perfume, shoes etc.

But this night demands something more than just a gift. It is the beginning of a whole new life and for its best start, Boontoon contributes its part by giving you an easy and online access to the best handicrafts across the entire world.

Our wide variety of gifts for the golden night includes oxidized elephant shaped candle, holder, Twin Bowl German Silver Pudding Set, Rectangular Shaped Wooden, and Marble Box, Meditating Buddha Candle Stand, Colorfully Mottled T-Light Candlestand, German Silver Made Twin Bowl Set With Lid, Tray, and Spoon, Marble Dibbi set meenakari marble champagne bottles, beautiful marble and German silver serving plates, marble meenakari paperweight and pillar watches, designer gift boxes and traditional bani thani gemstone jewellery boxes, Kairi, Kalash, mango, peacock and shubh labh chops and much more.

Our artisans are well renowned not only in the India but also in Australia, Canada, UK, and the USA due to their best quality and durable handicrafts. Their items are not only highly demanded but also highly praised in all the corners of the world.

Choose from our wide collection of 100% handmade items filled with the essence of our traditional glories and cultures and let your gift connect with the true feelings of your love. These will add spiritual peace to your life and will keep you connected to your roots.

These are not only stunning but also durable and sturdy and are made of a wide variety of eco-friendly materials that can be recycled easily.

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