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About Bangalore The Garden City & It's People

Bangalore has one of the highest demands of handicraft items for online shopping. Also called Bengaluru, this city is the capital of Karnataka. It is the third largest city in India, regarding populations. Due to its history of breathtaking, natural sites, it was also known as the Garden City of India. This city is now a cosmopolitan with its growing market and economy. The IT industry is booming in Bangalore, and hence it is called the Silicon Valley of India.


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Despite its interest towards Information technology and science, Bangalore still enjoys handicraft items. Home decorations and gifts are still a thriving part of the culture in this city. People prefer buying handicraft items through online shopping. It only saves time but also keeps them in touch with their traditional roots. Bangalore residents are one of the highest consumers for online shopping of handicraft items.

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Bangalore is moving towards modernization and advancement. But this has not yet affected the rich culture of celebrations and merriment. Residents of Bangalore still love celebrating weddings and anniversaries with their loved ones. And to keep up with the traditions, they love to buy return gifts through online shopping for their guests. Boontoon is one of the most visited sites for online shopping of handicraft items.

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