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Facts About Canada & It's Craft Loving People

Canada is a country full of Indian craft enthusiasts. It is the largest country in North America. It has a lot of unpopulated land. And thus, it is very welcoming towards immigrants. Thousands and millions of people migrate to Canada each year to settle down. Indians re a major part of the Canadian community. Canada resembles the United States of America in many ways, yet has many differences. Both countries share rich history. Canada was fully liberated from the United Kingdom of the British Empire in 1982. Canada is now a country known for its prevalent peace and practice of human and civil rights. The country has many breath-taking landscapes and scenery. From mountains to green plains, Canada is a beautiful place to visit. Its food has a special acknowledgement in the world as well. From Maple syrup to Butter Tarts, Canadians are famous for having a sweet tooth. The beautiful blend of cultures gives Canada a diverse traditional lifestyle.


Send Handicraft Items Online To Canada

Indians make up a major part of the Canadian community. And wherever Indians are, Indian crafts are loved and bought in bulk. Indian handicrafts for their children as well themselves are sought by Indians in Canada. Jaipuri and Rajasthani handicrafts re particularly bought in this country. As the markets in Canada do not have many stores for Indian crafts, Boontoon comes to the rescue. You can go through our exquisite collection to choose any item. Our website has tabs for your ease. You can order any number of items and get it delivered at your door step. Our online shopping and home delivery services are one of a kind. We are fully operable in Canada now for our beloved Indian buyers.

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Indians residing in Canada celebrate all kinds of holidays. They take part in the International calendar as well as their own local Indian dates of holidays and events. Return gifts for the guests are provided in every celebration by Indians of Canada. This is done in order to ensure the spread of love and intimacy among the community. People in Canada love to receive Indian crafts as return gifts Boontoon provides high quality, low priced, return gifts for all occasions like weddings, house warming, anniversary, sweet 16, baby shower, ladies sangeet etc. Visit our website today and order customizable return gift items in bulk. From brass/metal/marble/wooden hand made decoration pieces to every day use items, we have everything at economical rates!