Mysore, the true hub of Indian Handicraft Items 

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Explore the world of Handicrafts in Mysore:

Mysore is a city in Karnataka, India that is known for its rich history. This city can treat travellers with picturesque views and aesthetic value. When it comes to Indian Handicrafts and handmade gift items, the markets of Mysore are the great hub of that. You will even find random artwork like paintings, wooden craft items, and colour splashes beside the street. 

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About Mysore:

Mysore is a beautiful city and it ranks third in population. Mysore, the city of sandalwood is the second largest urban agglomeration in the state of Karnataka.  Mysore can be viewed at the foothills of Chamonix and is located in the southwest part of Bangalore. From Bangalore, Mysore is only 146 km far. The total area of the city is 152km with a huge 1,014,227 population. Mysore is noted for its cultural grandeur and glory and it is under the civic administration of Mysore City Corporation. This is the headquarters of the Mysore division and district. This city is famous for its heritage, picturesque charm, jaw-dropping gardens, glorious palaces, striking buildings, and sacred temples. Mysore city is known for the festivities that observe during Dasara. Many people from different corners of the world visit the place during that time and they praise the different art forms of Mysore like the Mysore style paintings, Mysore silk, Mysore Pak, Peta, and delicious Mysore Masala Dosa. 
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