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Singapore lies in the South-East of Asia, at the very tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is a stunning city that is also known as the Lion City, Garden City, the Red Dot, etc. You can send your love in the form of gifts to this beautiful city and to the beautiful people with your personal note. Pick something out of the box and send it in a loving way.


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Know Singapore better:

With its Marina Bay Sands, and the Merlion the Esplanade, Singapore is well known for its world-famous attractions. The towering skyscrapers of the city make it one of the most popular destinations for tourists. This is also the place of job for many Indians too who live there. Singapore is officially identified as the Republic of Singapore. This is a popular island country in Southeast Asia and a sovereign colorful city-state. This place is located one degree north or 136 km from the equator. In the south, there is also the Riau Island of Indonesia and in the north, there is Peninsular Malaysia. The Singapore territory included the main island and also 62 islets. The extensive land retrieval of the place has increased 23% of its actual size since the day of Independence.

Singapore is a vibrant, modern with an excellent educational system. It provides several opportunities for international students who want to study abroad. Education is the first priority in Singapore and the nation is also recognized as the 'global schoolhouse'. Singapore possesses the best culture, and history and has a great evolution as the industrial nation and shopping hub of south-east Asia. This place also has a proud history of oriental culture and cuisine. 

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