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Check the details of UAE:

The United Arab Emirates or just Emirates is one of the financial powerhouses of the world's current days. UAE is the absolute federal monarchy sovereign state of Western Asia. In the southeast part of the place, there are Arabian Peninsula on its Persian Gulf, Oman is in its east part and at the south part, there is Saudi Arabia that is sharing the border area with Qatar and in the north, there is Iran. The population of the UAE is 9.2 million (according to senses 2013). But only 1.4 million people among all are local Emirati people but 7.8 million people are from outside. Dubai is the most luxurious shopping destination in the UAE.

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As the percentage of its local community, there are without a doubt more Indians living in the UAE than any other Indian community outside of India. There is a long history between India and Dubai, UAE that literally goes back centuries and has led to very strong cultural and trading links. Living in the United Arab Emirates is more like submerging in the beautiful Middle Eastern fairy tale that beautifully rouses our imagination and also creates unforgettable memories for a lifetime. The United Arab Emirates has rated also among the safest destinations for Western tourists to get a memorable experience. As the cultural choices are the same and many Indians are there, the gifting tradition is also the same. There are many places in the UAE that store Indian Handicraft items and beautiful return gifts. You can send the best return gifts to Dubai, UAE with great online service and can choose great handicraft products from our collection.