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The story of the UK:

Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom of Great Britain are popularly known as UK or United Kingdom or Britain. This is the most renowned and sovereign nation of Western Europe that posses Royal culture. This country is at the lap of the coastal area of European Mainland (northwest), is designed with the Great Britain Island, Ireland (northeast) and other small islands. There is also Northern Ireland, which is a single part of the UK that shares the same border with the Republic of Ireland. The Atlantic Ocean is bordering the country. The east part is surrounded by the North Sea while the south part is surrounded by the popular English Channel and the south-south-west is surrounded by the Celtic Sea.

This country has the longest (12th longest) coastline of the world. There is also the Irish Sea between Ireland and Great Britain. The total area of the place is 242500 square km and this country rank 78th as the biggest sovereign of the world. You can send the premium quality return gifts to the UK as there are many Indians, who live in the UK for job or education purposes. This place is known for high-end universities and houses many corporate houses. So, you can send the corporate return gifts there too.